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Hi there! BothMyHearts here~ I'm new to writing fanfics and all so if you have any suggestions for me on improving in my writing just let me know. Check out my story(s) and tell me watcha think! <3

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Switching Accounts · 11:03pm Nov 23rd, 2013

Idk, why but this account has been going really slow and kind of glitching :/ I'll make another account soon and post the link below.....(Sorry for not being on lately!) So yeah. Se you guys soon~

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829640 Thanks!! :rainbowkiss: And I'm glad that you liked my story :pinkiehappy:

Hey heyyyyyy.

Over here!

Look at me please.
Ohhh I got your attention now cool.

I just have to say, Love the art for your Luna story.

You deserve a cookie for getting it.


All for you from The Pinkie Pie's Smile Association.

Eat up and enjoy!:pinkiesmile:

790309 Lol, no problem! I loved your stories. They were so awesome! :rainbowkiss: (And it's Madam :D )

Wow! You're super nice!
Two favorites AND a comment!
You, sir/madam, are the kind of pony that keep my story running!
Thank you so much!
Keep Smiling!

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