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Welcome one and all to the Percy Jackson story and fan group.

There are a couple of rules that one must abide to be allowed to into the group, submit a story and to stay in the group.


1. The most obvious is you must like/love to read Percy Jackson and any fanfiction related to it.
2. Arguments are allowed in this group, and swearing is allowed to except for a few words. If you say those words in any comment I'll let you know with a warning and that will be it.
3. If you are in an argument, no low-ball comments are allowed. This will immediately kick you out of the group. We are here to enjoy a story we all love.
4. If you are submitting a story, it does not just have to be about Percy Jackson. It can be any other character you want from the main story, or an OC character that is a demigod/oracle.
5. If you have a story that does not meet the requirements but you believe it should be, send me a link to your story and I'll consider if it is or not.
6. Not everything will be decided by me. That would be completely unfair. I'll select a few people to help me with the group and it'll be our based decision on what we do.
7. If your cancelling your story please let me know before hand so we can discuss if you want to pass it on to another writer to keep the story going.
8. Have fun reading!

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Uh... Hey guys! I'm new! But I think you could easily guess that! :twilightsmile: Please keep in mind that this is my first group I'm joining, and may need a little bit of help navigating. ;P

363146 okay. Too bad though.

337408 No. Only Percy Jackson. However, we will take the rest ot the Riordan book series' into consideration. Thank you.

There's a Percy Jackson group.The only thing I have to say is WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED OF THIS DEVELOPMENT!

Are there places for stuff from the rest of the Riodanverse in here?

Cobra of England- I'd like to work on that during my free time.:twilightsmile: A Blackjack fanfic sounds fun!:pinkiehappy:

hi everybody. I just wanted to let everyone know that this group inspired me to write a PJ story. :P :pinkiehappy:

302498 That would be an interesting story... if know one else does it i would love to do a collab with you. :twilightsmile:

I'm tempted to write a fic with Blackjack in, but I've got so many other projects going I won't have the time to write it. Anyone want to do a collab with me on it?

Well we have 5 stories so far; 2 are cancelled and 3 are not completed. You just need to check the folders if thats what you are asking. If you want to take one of the cancelled ones we can discuss with the author if they are willing to give the story to another writer.

I have been thinking of making a facfic but I dont really know where to begin

Can we get stories that arecomplete or not cancelled

SQUUUEEEE!!! my 2 most favourite things mashed up in one convenient little group. so beautiful :pinkiehappy::raritystarry::heart::twilightsheepish:

I am so new, as of this moment.:rainbowwild:

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