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Eragon & MLP crossovers

If you have Written an Eragon and MLP crossover or you just want to read them then please join me!

also i like to write stories but am not good with this. if anyone wants to re-write it please do

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i have a question about my fic i'm using the term Bat ponies instead the most used Tresthal my question is what of these two is better


Totally coming out with a bruiser, but need a editor......anyone?

Im curious, how is my story eragon in equestria?

i posted it now

at the moment have a version in English that has been made from the translator and got enhance a bit. so now I need a reviewer to begin to think about putting here on the site

only if the re visor wants a lots of work because the text translated by it is a extremely literal it don't have a soul. Maybe i ask to a friend of mine here in Brazil to translate it because he have a better domain in English than me.

here is a example how g translate do to my fic mp me if you think it is acceptable because i don't. to really say the translated version by google is a total crap note the formatation i done is inesistent in this exemple

After flying hours without stopping, Eragon and Saphira settle down at a nearby remnants of Carvahall to say goodbye the clearing where they met and started an unprecedented adventure. We're here where it all began for us Saphira we bid goodbye to this place as we have a long journey ahead and we can not stay long here, because soon Roran and Katrina and her son will soon arrive. I hope it survives the trip. Said Eragon through the mental link they have.

Let's spend the night here Wee? Saphira Eragon asked, yes because you wore a lot since when we leave Arya and diverted the Eda to come here; Eragon replied.

The Eragon Saphira's right, you should get some rest to prepare for what lies ahead, not only because you had flown far to establish a base, but must also be prepared to teach the next generation of riders, said Glaedr.

It was about noon when they arrived at Glade which was near the house where Eragon lived. They went to what was left of the house after a long time since the attack the Ra'zac then went to what was left of Carvahall, not sad? What happened here and all this because I thought you Saphira. Said Eragon. Wee Do not blame yourself because now they can go back and live without fear, without being oppressed thank you. Let's go back to camp and let these sad memories backward. Said Saphira.

I'm wirting a Eragon fiction but it needs to be translated to be posted here

if any one here have a god understanding of Brazilian portugese can contact me to be a translator


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