Childhood is a time of dreaming; dreams that awaken in young boys and calling them to a world of magic, wonder, and adventure. In time, adulthood comes, and with it boys will grow up into responsible men, but, until then, there are an infinite number of stories to tell about that magical time of their youth.

This group is for those of us here at FimFiction who see that few little colts that pop up in the show and are reminded of their own rambunctious childhood and collecting the stories inspired from it. I started this group because I have a fondness for Snips and Snails, but want to extend this group to include all the other colts that get their followings, as few as they may be.

Adventure, Shipping, or even Slice of Life comedy. Have a fic starring a colt? Then it is welcome here.

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This is just something I thought of a little while ago...
...Isn't it nice that Snips and Snails got a place in the big photograph of characters in the new opening sequence of My Little Pony?
Since the 4th season of the show started, there've been a lot more characters being featured in the opening sequence. Much as I like all the main characters, it's very good to see the very likable and entertaining supporting characters get a place, too.
And the makers of the show thought that Snips and Snails were important enough to have a place there! I thought that was quite nice of them.
It almost makes up for the poor kids being treated like a couple of clowns, only there to be mocked and ridiculed, whenever they're on screen!

I'm considering a story, where snips and snails would have a summer together with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, seems they went well together, unless my memory is betraying me?

Woah, where's all the comments? :facehoof:

how much attention would a colt need in a story or chapter, before it counts in this group? :twilightsmile:

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