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For all things Snowdrop (really just if your a fan of her) this is the place!

Congratulations to silly filly studios for three years of snowdrop. And for many more.

A special shout out to Sweet Al Belle for the banner!

Also for convenience all stories are to be sorted into "Teen" "Everyone" and "Mature".

Please stand for the Snowdrop anthem.

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Greetings and salutations!

I've just published my own Snowdrop story, Frozen Tears. :raritystarry:
How do I submit it for the group? Can anyone tell me? :applejackunsure:

Why in Luna's name am I only now finding this group? Ah well better late then never :twilightsmile:

what contest is going on? I saw a contest thing

How was I not already I member of this group?! My favourite filly ever! :heart::heart::heart:

Hey everyone! Charlemane here, how are you all doing?


OC would work since Snowdrop is a OC that belongs to Silly Filly Studios

There being only 40 Snowdrop fics disturbs me.

I hated the mature stories. Kill the man that wrote them!

Since there isn't a character tag for Snowdrop, should I use the OC or Other tag for her?

Two stories in the Mature folder now. That'll teach you to have faith in humanity!

Considering that Snowdrop is sorta an original character, should we ask the guys behind the spectacular animation for permission to use her in stories?

I mean, I'm pretty sure they're cool with it anyways, especially since the stuff we got here is pretty good. But with talk about Mature stories going around I'm just wigging out.

322362 I applaud you for making this group because I kept trying to find a group dedicated to snowdrop but couldn't find one but now I have you are a big credit to snowdrop

Joining! It was sad though :fluttershysad:

Comment posted by Dawn Flower deleted Jul 4th, 2014

342320 Hey Dawnflower. I am with you on that note and I hope nothing gets put into the Mature folder. :ajbemused:

But you know that it will eventually happen sooner or later. :rainbowderp:

Please Decline.

I love Snowdrop so much so cute so sweet :heart: :twilightsmile:

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