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Here, we take fanfictions of Nyx or Nightmare Moon and post them. Come one come all!

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It is a very good story, especially after reading all of Past Sins and realising that this could have happened so easily.

Hi! It is nice to meet everyone! I started a story where Nyx was found by Chrysalis instead of Twilight.

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I just became the 666th member! HAIL NIGHTMARE MOON NYX! :trollestia:

I recently wrote an AU past Sins story about a fill created from the remains of Daybreaker, would it be possible to add that story here? Bear in mind I do plan a crossover at some point where via the magic mirror Nyx and this filly will meet.
But that is for a far off sequel.

[url=]Nyx's first love I need a proofreader please. and i'm still new to the so how would that go?

So can anyone use Nyx or do you HAVE to ask Pen Stroke? Because I've sent him a message asking him and he hasn't replied yet.

is it just me or dos this group need a cover art thing? on deviant art there are tons of nyx art you probably ask use :scootangel:

and i have some nyx/nightmare moon art you can use

oh and if anypony plays WoW on sargeras I'm thinking of starting a Nyx Themed guild

I cant believe I liked a fanfic that much, I guess I'm finally opening my mind more and more.:moustache:

Almost done with all of Pen's writings of Nyx when I went looking for more. Never knew there would be so much more made by the fans!:pinkiehappy:

Hey Twilight? Happy Mother's Day!

Hey there everybody, I know how I'll sound but if you read (or save it for later) my story The Forgotten Memory, then many thanks would be appreciated. Nyx will play a role in this story, not a major one but will be just as important. This has been Epsilon, be seeing yah.:twilightsmile:

This Link goes to a blog post on my fimfiction Profile page In which i discuss my upcoming fanfic projects. All five are going to be recursive fanfics of this very fic. Yep, I am writing " Past Sins" fanfics and I am looking for any and all Past Sins fans to help me. I am looking for prospective editors, proofreaders and yes coauthors. Please click above to go to the blog where i go into lots and lots of detail about my proposed stories.
Except for the first story,( which is a very short one shot satyrical parody ) all the rest will be very serious attempts to write sequels to Past Sins, keeping to the vein of Pen Stroke's original as much as possible

So nice to see those who support Nyx
(wonder how many are in the Lunar Empire?)

Ello gov' nor,(:rainbowlaugh: yes, I am British) Im lightning, Spencer Lightning Write, I cannot wait for my STUPID lap top to work so I can post stuff online, wait, can I upload stuff from I IPad? :unsuresweetie: well I guess I will have to try it out then :pinkiecrazy:? why that icon, I will never know

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