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Father Mordteiva

What could i say about myself in less than 200 words that would make you understand who or better yet what i am...lets leave that for another time, and when i have more space okay


Hello fellow Brony's (Pegasisters[if you prefer that term])

So I guess basic stuff: Male, Started as a closet Brony in 2011 and came to except what I was in 2013(Snowdrop happened), Im in the Military(Army), I write and read obviously. And im a supporter of the New Lunar Republic. But Snowdrop is best pony because damn...those feels(Nyx is second best[then Luna] because ya that's why)

There basic stuff.
Currently I have 4 stories in the works but only two are out. the other two well, I need time.
Ones a direct crossover and the other may not even see a finished chapter:(
that's all I guess...Oh other sites I post stuff too plus extra stuff

Fanfiction- for those interested in my none pony work(When I get to them) or just other stories period
DeviantArt- please don't go there I just look at pictures and comics.....im not artistically inclined in that area.
But do check out my good Buddy FlightlessPegasi and his works. he makes some pretty good music

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Thank you for your favourite of Daring Do and the Heart of Storms! :twilightsmile:

1147362 what unit? Last one I was in was 4-9 inf before they were disbanded in the states. The only places with the Manchus are Korea and I think Hawaii :applejackunsure:

1147016 oh shit wats your mos:rainbowhuh:

hey soldiers got to stick together right

Le:pinkiegasp::yay: THANKS FOR THE WATCH!!!

Thanks for the fav on "Unlikely Love of Ages Past "

Thank you for the fave for The Up-Rising of the Moon. :twilightsmile: Glad you like the story.

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