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Welcome to the shipping group of Daring Do and Rainbow Dash, founded by Daring x Dash and FierceRainbow

Banner and icon done by ShadowBlades


Winner of the first DaringDash contest

If you're looking for a good piece of DaringDash to read, then you can browse through our selection of stories. Or, maybe you just want to chill in the forum with other members. That's cool too.
Of course, there are a few basic rules. There aren't many so they should be easy to abide by.
1) Respect other members- Basically, just be nice to everybody so we can keep this group fun and upbeat.
2) Keep threads relevant- Don't post a thread about something that is unrelated to DaringDash, or any troll threads.
3) Place stories in correct folders- You can post stories in more than one folder as long as it definitely applies to both of those things.
4) Abide by the rules- Rules are there for a reason.
If you have any questions askDaring x Dash , FierceRainbow or


Daring x Dash

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Yes, that is the awesome photo :rainbowwild:

Good, then you should probably make some separate folders and stuff.
Do I seem too pushy? Sorry:fluttershysad:

Cool :twilightsmile:
So, do you know how to make new folders and stuff, because I don't

Good enough for now :applejackunsure:

Hm, well we can deal with a banner later, I guess the only thing to do with the group pic is look for a smaller one. :applejackunsure:

339488 i did it still didn't work

Hey haveing problems need banner and group pic

That didn't work

How about you get a group icon? This one's pretty cute
Edit: Looks like that didn't work... well, if you just go on Google images it'll be there smaller.

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