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This is a group for people who love spitdash fanfics, write them, and (hopefully) read them. This is not a common pairing, but I wish to make it more common for the good of the community! Thank you.

Hello, your friendly neighborhood group admin here. I'm sure everyone here likes Spitfire, or is completely obsessed with RD+anything pairings. Hopefully it is the former because Spitfire is best pony. Now you are probably wondering where I am going with this. Nowhere that's where!
TLDR; Join this group!

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Well, Spitfire being Rainbow's idol, I'm pretty sure she'd do anything to please her.

One more after this, and I'm DONE!

Is it just me, or does Spitfire typically assume the dominant role in ALL SpitDash fics?

The only pony who probably will NEVER approve of Spitdash is my OC. That's 'bout all I can think of...

SpitDash best and favourite shipping :heart:

SpitDash is my favorite shipping <3
Love to seem them both together :3

Comment posted by vTempz HD deleted Apr 27th, 2013

Spitfire:heart:Rainbow Dash

I'm so glad to be apart of this group, because I was unsure if anyone even made a spitdash shipping group. :twilightsmile:
This is such an underrated shipping as those two IMO go perfectly together considering personality similarities and similar passions in life.:heart: I will post my personal favorite story of this sort,if it hasnt been added already. :duck:

peace everyone! keep rocking it!

Seriously, why don't more Bronies realize how much of a perfect ship this is?

i love spitdash fics:rainbowkiss::moustache: i demand MOAR:pinkiecrazy:

Would ya look at that. :unsuresweetie:

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