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(Brand new group - I'll sort out the banners and stuff at a later date.)

I thought I'd make a group dedicated to the the best ship in MLP.

"There is already a group for SpitDash stories!" You may say. Well, this group is different.

This group uses the correct name, DashFire, and anyway, the other group doesn't allow clop. This one does.

Rule #1 - Don't post anything in the "Main" folder. It's only there because I can't get rid of it. Post the stories ONLY in the two other folders.

Rule #2 - Obey Rule #1.

Rule #3 - There are no other rules.

So yeah...enjoy XD

(I'll be writing a DashFire CF soon...I've had the storyline in my head since last year, so it should be pretty good =P )

(Also, it you are considering writing a DashFire story, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT portray Spitfire has some stuck-up drill sargent. She isn't like that. I hate that stupid Merriweather for ruining her image...)

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