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Well, you just need to read such scenes from other authors yourself, while you do not need to get carried away at this moment with the "depths" of the plot and dream of being in the role of the main character! ahahaha... It is necessary to note the details, and how these proposals are built.

The principle is that for your story, you just need to keep a balance, 50% erotic 50% romantic. Then it will be 25% cool! As Rainbow usually says.

In romantic plots, as a rule, a love connection is formed between two or more characters if they begin to confront any problems together. Maybe even dangers. This strengthens the bond between the characters.

You don't need to go far for an example. The 1st series and the 2nd series of the 1st season already show an example. Only here we are talking about friendship.

The same goes for romantic relationships.

Heh. Personally, I don't like it when authors do this. This means that they are not confident in themselves, and are afraid to make a full-fledged story to please someone from the readers.

A self-confident author, will take a decisive look, and write a story in which everything will be, and it will be interesting. Maybe even epic! If there are porn scenes in the story, this is not a reason to put a Porn tag. Because Porn is usually short stories with a minimum of plot and maximum attention to one or two scenes that contain Sex.

However, I will repeat once again that a story can have both a good plot and character development, as well as scenes described in detail, and this is not necessarily sex.

A rating can be changed halfway through. Right now it seems like he wants to tell a story more than make porn. If he changes his mind and does add chapters like that, it can be changed to mature at any point.

Who knows, he may even do "The Naughty Bits" chapters as a separate "Story" like what a lot of authors do when they don't particularly want it in the main story.

You are right... though I really don't trust my capacity to generate good mature scenes, thus I intend to try, but if I don't succeed in liking it the first three times, I will skip those scenes.

However, this is not a reason to exclude more mature topics in a detailed description and lower the rating of the story. All this can be done with a Mature Rating.

  • Viewing 48 - 52 of 52
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