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What this creep looks like without the mask


Formal Retirement From Fimfic · 5:13am Dec 23rd, 2017

What's there to say? I've had a good ole' run on this site, but I think it's time I finally close the book on my MLP fanfic career. I've made lots of progress as a writer, made some good friends and had a blast doing it, but as of late, I just don't feel compelled to type away at stories about pastel-colored horses like I used to. I've tried, but the spark just won't ignite like it used to. But instead of viewing this as an end, I've decided to take it as the start of a new chapter in my

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you'd ever be up for chilling?

Learned of you recently. You seem like a nice lad. Devouring your content now. Thanks for all you've done for us.

came for the stories. stayed for the hilarious disclaimers.

Oh. It's just, I wanna see the rest. Is there another place to find it? Or is that what you meant by the other writers' wishes?

Respect for the other writer's wishes and the loss of show canon.

  • Viewing 156 - 160 of 160
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