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What this creep looks like without the mask


Haven't done that in a while. · 5:57pm June 10th

Still feels all jittery and fluttery when you press the submit button. Oh, and I'm not dead yet so... yeah.

Your Antagonist

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Some Charmingly Misguided People and Some Awfully Awesome Authors

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Let Antagonist lay you down and whisper sweet nothings into your ear (Mature)

All Aboard The S.S. Silver Belle! (Riding this ship till it sinks)

Hoof Biting Action Overload!

Just some of the best works on fimfiction

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I Inspired These... Wow

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Oh. It's just, I wanna see the rest. Is there another place to find it? Or is that what you meant by the other writers' wishes?

Respect for the other writer's wishes and the loss of show canon.

Why did you cancel Payback?

Comment posted by Your Antagonist deleted June 9th

2397261 How did the name of "Your Antagonist" come to be as your moniker? Also, what drew you in to FiM and thus inspired you to create fanfiction, based on it?

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