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After a falling out with Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon is befriended by Sweetie Belle. However as time goes by, the silver-maned filly quickly learns that she has slightly-more-than-platonic feelings for her new friend, and that some ponies aren't above petty revenge. Can Silver Spoon's new found feelings survive public humiliation, petty grudges, and potential rejection?

Cover Art and Chapter 9's art were commissions by angel-wing101, Final Chapter Art was a Commission by dragongirl983
If you use any without my or their permission, I will jump through the internet and murder you, so just ask first.

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 1079 )

Interesting ship. Haven't seen it before. Will have to read later!

Well. This was unexpected. This is an amazing ship, and I cannot wait for the next chapter. I really wish I could super favorite a story.... seriously, great writing.

Great story. Never seen this ship before. :moustache: for you.

This is relevant to my interests. *Waits for next chapter.*

I really need to see this continued. faved as soon as I finished.

I don't know, Right now seeing DT be a total bitch is kinda inspiring me to write out more chapters.

You sir, are both a gentleman and a scholar.

Followed with great interest. You're also the first person I've seen write a smackdown of Diamond Tiara that doesn't come off as utter weak sauce.

I like the story. One thing I noticed is that you had a habit of capitalizing an I in the pony names like DIamond Tiara, Diamond TIara or SIliver Spoon. I noticed it mostly towards the end, and there is actually quite a bit of it.

silver belle never saw that one coming cant wait to read more

silver belle
sweete spoon...
nope silver belle sounds nicer
any way...
i like it
keep it up
cant wait to see how this goes
cause i can actually see this

Silver Belle makes me think of christmas, Sweetie Spoon makes me think of eating sugar straight from a bowl.
That aside, Silver Belle sounds better to me.
1062402 Is right, I can totally picture this in my head, so if you could just do everyone a favor and crank those chapters out like there's no tomorrow, that'd be great! :yay:

:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: 4/5 mustaches so far.

Huh, Never really gave SS that much thought.... I like it! I love stories that make me think about characters with a new perspective. Good job, can't wait for your next update! :pinkiehappy:

I must say, well written, in character, quite interesting, and strong leads all around.

I am very much looking forward to the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

Hmmm......A ship I've never seen done before, and redemption of Silver Spoon at the same time? Plus it's well written?! I must acquire moar of this......


I thought I was going to hate the concept of Sweetie Belle even being friendly with the CMC.

I was wrong.

Haha! Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes :twilightsheepish: Can't wait for chapter two!

Silver Belle, that the term for this ship either way its the first time I've seen it, and the first chapter is well written, I hope you'll opt to continue it.

Thumbed up and faved! I reeaaaally look forward to the next chapter:yay:

Great sipping idea, can't wait for the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Hm. Nice one so far, if littered with double capitalizations (SIlver Spoon). Keeping an eye on this story for sure.

Well that was well done but i think you may be making Spoon a little to sweet and Tiara to mean a little show of hurt from Tiara would have been nice and remember Silver Spoon is still a wealthy filly so don't be afraid to let her be a bit snooty and smug it's only natural and remember everyone doesn't have to like her don't demonize those that don't and don't force it allot of people don't like their friends significant other but get along for the friends sake

Wonderful! I really enjoy the few stories that have a kind Silver Spoon in them, and you are doing a marvellous job of it. While the rest of the cast are just stock characters, the character development of Silver Spoon is very natural, and what really counts in the end.

After having my brain fried several times over the past week, this new chapter was just the therapy I needed.

A good read. More people should worsh-- read your work.

Look out Featherweight, looks like you've got trouble coming your way :twilightoops:
Also, another great update! keep 'em coming please :scootangel:

You know what? Not only do I like this story, but I support this shipping now. I'm keeping an eye on your story.

So is anyone else hoping that stuck up little witch gets what's coming to her sooner rather than later?

Oh shit, things are gonna get messy. And not in the fun way.


I'm more interested in Scootaloo's plan, than Diamond Tiara being a bitch.

I shall withold exterminatus... for now.
Liked and faved

Nevrmind. Inquisitor, I need a small-scale orbital bombardment at the location of a filly named Diamond Tiara.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

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