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Rarity has fallen hard for the lavender mare from Canterlot, but there is just one problem, that certain mare from Canterlot is completely oblivious to it all. Thus, Rarity does everything in her power to escape the dreaded friend zone, from skywriting to asking Twilight's parents for help. But will it be enough? Probably not. After all, Twilight is rather naive, but a mare's gotta try.

The pic that inspired this story, and the cover pic credit goes to ~SigneTheSlaske of Deviantart.com, check them out for more great artwork.

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Well that was nice. Sure it's not complete? It read like a one-shot.

Okay, this is pretty damn cute. Is this meant to be a one-shot, or will there be more? I noticed it is not marked as completed...

This was beautiful, and honestly i could see it all being very in character. I very much enjoyed it, even if it's because i know that situation all to well :twilightblush:

This was pretty cute. Two errors I noticed though:
-In Rarity's note to Twilight: "I promise this nigh twill change your life" (obvious error is obvious)
-When Rarity is showing Twilight the dress she made: ""Oh Rarity, I would love too," Twilight said" (should be "to", not "too")

I'm with everyone else; is this story really incomplete? It seems complete enough, but I suppose there's room to continue.

Oh God, my heart, it hurts with cuteness! This story was wonderfully written, though there could be some corrections here and there, but overall, it was amazing! Thanks, I can now go to sleep with a satisfied heart and OCD.
I approve! :twilightsmile::duck:

'I love you Twilight!'

'Yay! I love you too BPFF!'

This is a wonderful little story and I'll eat my shoe of this thing doesn't get featured.
The woefully oblivious Twilight was executed very well, as was Rarity and I even thought that Spike wasn't too far off in his rendering here. Overall this is great and very heartwarming.

:twilightsmile: :heart: :raritystarry:

-24th Flavor out

EDIT: Good thing it got featured, I didn't have enough ketchup to eat my shoe.

Me: dawwwwwww

Inner Grammar Nazi: uhhh...

Me:goddamit let me enjoy this

Twilight having a talent for ruining best laid plans that's pretty ironic.:rainbowlaugh:
Very nice story by the way.:twilightsmile:

It's so D'awwwwwwdorable!

That is what I love about Twilight. Everyone in town could have a crush on her, and she wouldn't notice :heart:

Pretty damn good. I love me some Twirity fics and this is quite cute. Egghead is worst love initiator.

Just a few things to point out:

it all pailed in comparison

Should be paled instead of pailed.

low and behold

drop that 'w' :raritywink:

chic, neat and unique

Unless you were truly going for that, I believe the quote she uses is 'chic, unique and magnifique'

Otherwise (cause there's probably more that didn't catch my eye), nice stuff and I hope there is more. Keep it up!

1154773, 1154365 Thanks for the heads up, I love feedback like this to make sure I put the best possible work I can. Peace

Yay! I love you too BPFF BPFF? Later she only said BFF, so is that P an error? If not, what does it stand for?

How very very sweet. Twilight, you idiotic egghead :raritycry::raritydespair: Eagerly awaiting more, if this ends up as more than a one-shot.

BPFF = Best Pony Friend Forever
BFF = Best Friend Forever (original)

'Yay! I love you too BPFF!' :rainbowlaugh:

This was cute and very entertaining, is there likely to be any more?

1154929 It is a line from AJ in the season two finale, after the BBBFF song she refers to herself as Twilight's Best Pony Friend Forever.

1155207 ah, I no longer remembered that :twilightblush:

Twilight: And then we kissed, and then we touched horns, and then we-
Spike: Whoa there blunt force trauma! Baby dragon here, remember!?

Best Pony Friend Forever.

Uhg my face hurts, but that was great! Ah oblivious Twilight you will always make me laugh :rainbowlaugh:

I dropped in on this just for the title, which I'd experimented with as an actual line in a story of my own but scissored out during the editing process. Just as well, because it works far better here, in the context of Rarity's increasing frustration.

That frustration is expertly portrayed, I think. With her every scheme foiled by Twilight's obliviousness, you know that Rarity is going to escalate: for a moment there, I thought she might have to appeal to Celestia to have Twilight banished to the Carousel Boutique. And for some of us, the only way through is Blurt Mode. (See also the old standard "There! I've Said It Again," a hit for Bobby Vinton entirely too many years ago.) I, for one, am gratified to see it work, even though it's never done the job for me.

This is fantastic, but it needs some more in the sense that you have to show how Rarity's attempts utterly backfire.

I would have thought Twilight would have been a bit hesitant in returning her feelings, but a well written struggle.

Thank you.

very sweet, I love some good RariSparkle! :duck::twilightsheepish:

fantastic! maybe the best fic i've ever read, have mustachesv:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Oh Twilight, so oblivious and adorkable! :facehoof: :rainbowlaugh:

Great funny little story. =^.^=b

Needs a lot of work. It's cheesy, cliche, and awkwordly worded in a few places. Occasionally the characters get a bit out of character, and there's never any conflict between rarity and whoever she's explaing it to. Not that they should be angry new cesarily but she should have todo more explaing and some characters should be less accepting of the idea of two mares. Like her parents possibly would need to have a more uneasy reaction at first. Everypony just accepts the idea a little too quickly and easily. That being said, the story got progressively cuter toward the end as what would have been repetitive ploys by Rarity for Twilight became hilariously desperate when they failed. The grammar was pretty good overall and the story was pretty well done as a whole. Can't wait to read more. Liked and favorited.:twilightsmile:

Is Twilight the new Rainbow Dash? She's been shipped with everypony nowadays (from the usual ships with Celestia, Luna, and Rainbow Dash to rarer ships such as Spike and now Rarity!)

I was reading the fic, and kept thinking "Oh man, this fic is awesome." And then I finished, with a big shipper's smile on my face.
And then I noticed that it's incomplete.
Just how awesome will this story get?

You know what they say Spike: If the older sister is taken then go for the little sister.

Will we ever see what was written in the sky or pinkie's singing gram??

This was just wow. You, sir, are a wonderful author. I hopy there'll be more!

1156569 Really creepy it scares me more than the thought of you don't need to know what scares me...... :rainbowderp:

Why am I thinking of Rocky Horror Picture show, right now?

Maybe I've been reading too many [Sad] shippings lately, but for a little while I half suspected that Twilight was being ignorant of Rarity's advances on purpose because she wasn't interested.

This isn't completed? It seems like a one-shot though...but anyway. Great story, I've been seeing more of Twilight and Rarity lately :raritywink::twilightsmile:

Hooray! Love wins again. :yay:


I actually thought it was funny how there was no conflict between Rarity and whoever she was talking to. It was like a running joke in this fic that Rarity was constantly expecting them to freak out, only for them not to care. Just look at the part with Rainbow; she gives a brief rant to Dash expecting her not to approve, only for her to see that Dash doesn't even care. Basically, she was being a drama queen (which is completely in character for her).

"Rarity," Twilight hugged her when she stepped off stage. Was this it? "I loved it! So catchy, so hip. You girls are just amazing!" Twilight said pulling Rarity and Pinkie into a hug. No, it's not.

Mi mind at that moment v

Look for moar to see, don't worry i am with you /)

The friend zone just kills everything.

1154545 When Jesus and Discord facepalm, shit's serious (I don't really know if John de Lancie is there, looked like though)

Yup, less than one day old and featured. So called it.

“I love you, more than I could ever hope to tell you. I want to be with you.Please, let me have you for a very special evening, on the 8th. 7 o’clock at Sugarcube Corner. I promise this night will change your life,”
“I guess she figured out our surprise birthday party, huh?”


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