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This group is intended for all unconventional pairs, such as the one that inspired me to create a home for them, my own story Blue Eyes and a Beat.

Feel free to add odd couples and any sort of background character shipping. You know there are some good ones out there that nobody ever sees. Now they have a place to get noticed.

Let's get the word out!


Yeah, I know, ugh, right? But these are fairly simple and easy to follow, and they just make my life, and everyone else's, a whole lot easier if they're followed.

1. Have fun

2. Add stories, and add them often (I need new reading material, guys.)

3.Forum is only for serious things. (If you're going to shamelessly self promote, I have a thread for that. And no pointless discussions about which ship is better. There's a thread for that. No bloody, gory discussions, either, and all mature threads must be tagged as such. Try putting *Mature* in front of the title. Thanks.)

4. I will not allow any sort of bullying, threats or other variations of verbal violence. Any user caught in violation will be put on probation immediately. If the user violates said probation, you will be removed from the group.

5. You can always ask me anything. If you need help on a story, or just someone to talk to, that little mail icon is always beside my name. I'm just a click away, folks.

6. Have lots of fun. This is a no hate zone. If you don't discourage me, I won't discourage you.

7. Don't spam. Please.

8. Add a story to as many folders as applicable. We want authors and their stories to have as much exposure as possible.

9. Don't use this group as an opportunity to stalk other users. That's almost the same as threats and bullying, and it's just plain wrong. Same consequences as #4.

10. People in positions of authority are not to abuse said positions. Same consequences as #4.

Whew, that's over finally. Got it? Good. Now go enjoy some fine poni literature.

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I'm in. This sounds like a good idea for a group and I'm interested in what is going on here in the future :ajsmug:

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