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Everything I touch turns to shipfic. All my stories will be uploaded here shortly.


Fluttershy is used to nursing critters of all sorts back to health. When she comes across a broken showmare, however, it will take all her patience and care to help the other pony. Especially when Trixie begrudges her help every step of the way. Can she get through to her? And can Trixie learn that she doesn't need to stand alone to stand strong?

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I loved this story. Glad to see it on fimfiction.

damn beening busy have you? uploaded to day how long took it toi make it???

First and I've already read this story on deviant art and it was great got to be in my top 10 (I've read 187 fan fics) also haters gonna hate
brought to you by the letter

Sorry I wasn't first sorry didn't load your comment before I poasted also Chp 5 best chp also lunashy best ship but this still great to
Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I didn't learn anything about the magic of friendship. But I bet lots of bronies are reading this in my voice now.

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle

Read this a while ago on deviant art and just wanted to drop a line and say I really enjoyed it. I think this was the very first ship fic I ever read and possibly the first time I really started enjoying Trixie's character. I guess it's safe to say I can blame you for where I am now. :rainbowlaugh:

One criticism that I did have was how uber powerful Trixie became at the end (through the power of :heart: no less) and found it rather forced. I would have liked to see a different approach to getting away from the dragon. It felt like a Twilight solution rather than a Trixie one. Minor complaint but I was taken out of the story a bit because of it.

That aside, really enjoyed the rest. I also found it funny how Fluttershy totally sussed out Applejack at the party. No one beats Fluttershy when she's all like :flutterrage:

That's all I got! Thanks for sharing!

oh i know that one! it is truly amazing!
thank you so much for writing this beautiful story :twilightsmile:

Have I ever mentioned that this is like the best ship ever just because of this story? You'll find that many agree.

There's not a lot I can offer in the way of criticism. Actually, scratch that. I got nothin'. This is one of the best shipfics out there. After all, the unexpected ship is the best ship, and the fact that you kept everyone flawlessly in character, well. I'll stop talking and start giving you stars.

interesting shipping - but rarity x trixie would be the non plus ultra wtf one ;D

This was the first fic i read which was not on EqD and i love it to this day


Yes, it's that one. And yes, it is glorious.

_.->.<-._ its so hard warming 3th time reading it and yet...

a more unusual ship was a big mac octaviea ship on fanfiction.net called The gentle song

I remember this fic on EqD, one of the best I've read

Thank you, author. For once again showing me the magic of friendship. I have hated Trixie for... Well, since I first saw her. You, however, showed her to me from a different angle. Very few stories are this enjoyable, even more so now, that I feel compassion for Trixie. You are amazing.

Oh, and very sorry for double-posting, but I couldnt help but mention that I cant come up with any criticism. There were a few typos, but story itself was written with good language, flowed easily and was trully enthralling. You are amazing.

Still one of my favourites. :heart:

You know, it's really hard to hate Trixie after reading this...
This story was perfect. The pacing of the breaking of her shell, the relationship, the ending. Oh the ending, just wow. As soon as she started to tell the tale, I was pretty much sure it would end like that, but that didn't make it any less beautiful.
Great story, very bucking awesome story.

Oh, this is one of my favorites! :pinkiesmile: Probably one of the few non-Twixie ones I see Trixie with. Incredible and glad to see it here!

wow i remember reading this on devent art its still one of my favorites and i lost track of how many ficts ive read i think it was around 340 great work im glad its on here :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

Bout time this migrated over here. This story needed more exposure (is that the word?)!

So. Much. D'aw.

So. Much. D'aw.

Awesome, I remember this from back when it was featured on Equestria Daily.
It's an awesome story :ajsmug:

I saw this on latest, and I fangasmed

"I blub flut-flut." XDDDD

How did you think of that? XD

Fucking beautiful. I don't normally use that word, but oh my God. This story is just truly beautiful The way you played out your final scene with Trixie's show... damn. I'm at a loss for words.


This is on Equestria Daily!

You've caused so much leaking from my eyes with this...:fluttercry:
I will have vengeance! Vengeance for my poor dehydrated eyes!:flutterrage:

Awww...I know right now that I am going to love every word of this story. You've got the personalities right on the dot! Very good show sir!:twilightsmile:

I'm loving every word.
:trixieshiftright:Trixie is going to have one hell of a healing session at Fluttershy's!:yay:

:rainbowkiss: SO GOOD!

I seriously love how you write Fluttershy in this. Usually everyone just writes her as more timid or frightful. But in this its nice to see her with some confidence in what she does.

At first i was :ajbemused:
Then i was :rainbowhuh:
Now im all :rainbowkiss:


Damnit... You kept me up til almost 7 in the morning because this was just so good of a fic that I had to finish it tonight. Thank you sir for providing me with a "greatest ship fic of all time" :pinkiehappy:

at first, I was kinda like lolwut but now I am all like :rainbowkiss: SOO MUCH DAWW. Diabeetus!

*Fluttershy cheer* :yay:
This rocks! I loved the entire story, but the last chapter here was by far the best. Your style of "story-telling"-writing, is marvelous! :pinkiehappy:
Brilliant ending as well! You get 5 mustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: ... And 5 stars :twilightblush:

Always has been one of my favorites, and most likely always will be. :yay:

Omg.... i cant... hold it back..... DAAAAAAAAAAAAW

it is? *checks* ... it is :rainbowderp: even 6-star:rainbowhuh:
ok let me rephrase that::scootangel:
it's the first fic i found on DevianArt without coming from EqD and i love it to this day

I remember reading this on EqD a while back. Loved it then, stil do :twilightsmile:


Except for the sex they had immediately afterwards.:trixieshiftright:

That was pretty sexual.:yay:

Naw, just kidding. But I'd like to congratulate you on such a good story. I never thought anypony could get Trixie just right, but you have made this one of my most favorite fanfics EVER!:rainbowkiss:
My only sadness was having to accept this as the final chapter. You have moved me with this detailed, rich, and heart-warming story. May you always have plentiful happiness and may the darkness of life always have these kinds of stories shine through and keep us soldiering on, keep us moving on, keep us living on, keep us loving on.

-PwnyBrony :yay:


Amazing story my friend, truly great. Aside from the occasional typo, it's perfect. TGAPT does not get enough of the love she deserves, so abused for just doing her job well.:fluttercry:

Easily one of the better shipping combos with Trixie I have EVER seen.

Wow, I can't say I've seen a better story that's really captured Fluttershy's nature. I'm loving this.
I can't quite put a name on how the story's written too. It has a sort of nursery vibe to it.

I just re-read this about 3-4 times now.
I love this story. :rainbowkiss:

hey there bru i just wanted to say that this story is one i have actually reread. it's an unlikely pairing that conveys a consistent theme. it's so good that i have reread it. that's a big deal for fanfics. some are good, but few are rereadable.

i do disagree a little bit with the rather sudden jump to danger, and even the notion that fluttershy's anger would be parsed as it was and less last effort--but the second chapter, in particular, is so good at detailing the two characters and the idea of recuperation on so many levels, that i actually do find myself reading it from time to time.

the second and third chapters dealing with the growth and transformation at a very basic level? 2gud. 2gud.

i'm a bit of a stickler on stories, romance in particular because of how badly romance can be written, but you did so well in the healing process that i reread it. i want to emphasize how rare this is.

i'll have to give you a few swings for your other fics. not that i'm too enthusiastic to encounter anything with vinyl scratch. i've recently be tearing into the big octavia ships with her, and i mean. really tearing. she's a character that i have yet to see done in any way well.

if you can make any of it as good as the first half or so of this story (note chapter 2 seriously), i'm pretty hopeful for any projects you decide to get going.

That was truly wonderful. Previous to this story, I held deep contempt for Trixie's conceited, self-centered, arrogant ways. The back-story you have given her made me feel sympathy for her and the reasons she acted so poorly. Every time she questioned Fluttershy's kindness, I saddened. She could not understand her compassion because she had never know it before. The way the story moved and flowed together brought a variety of emotions into play, from that all-too-familiar loathing t'wards her in the beginning, to an unbridled joy as the story ends. Every scene filled with theatrics to rival Trixie's own. Not only have you created a romantic story that touched my heart, but you have completely changed my outlook on a certain character. In doing this, you have completely, and rightfully earned a perfect score. Absolute Five out of Five stars! Marvelous to say the least!
-A Very M.A.D. Man

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