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Twilight Sparkle is summoned to settle a legal matter involving The Great and Powerful Trixie... What in Equestria did she do now?

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By far, one of the best romantic comedies for MLP at the moment. If not the best. Even if you're not a big fan of shipping, I'm pretty sure the comedy in this will keep you coming back!


Honestly, this is A-grade fiction right here. I loved this piece of work, and I can't wait for more!

where are all the other chapters of this they have it up to 13 on Equestria Daily


I'll get to them this week--when I copy the chapters to this site, the formatting gets really screwed up, so I have to manually fix everything, which is time-consuming.

I want to finish chapter 14 before sitting down to spend that much time formatting the previous chapters :D

This should be interesting.
Oy, quiet, we aren't there yet!

So many fanfics, so little time to read.

Confound these ponies, they drive me to INSOMNIA :derpyderp2:

So ridiculous that it's bent the fabric of good taste into a spiral of awesome...or something like that.

Chapter 4 has a dramatic reading by phroexx!
Check it out!

I love the chapter titles, album references ftw. The most recent one is my favorite Metallica album of all time.

dammit...looks like i'm now a twixie supporter...

Verrry interesting indeed :coolphoto: . Its a shame the layout of this site doesnt encourage reviews, just comments. i imagine if this was on FF youd have gotten a lot more review thingies.

At any rate, 100% enjoyable. i was a little hesitant at first when you used the old "Oh wow, shes hot" - "What was that i just thought?" thing, because thats generally the sign of an amateur writer doing romancce. but i gotta say i like the unique set up here, of twilight actively having an embarassing crush on Trixie and Trixie mostly treating her as an annoyance. its not usual, and im likin it.

So i cant wait for more, and as a reward i will gift to you a mustache. Enjoy. :moustache:



This is epic. Absolutely epic. The characters are perfectly observed, there are some killer lines in it, and armed!Rarity does odd things to me that I think means I'm growing up...

Why the hell my own fic is higher up the ratings chart in the archives I do not know. Yours is by far the superior work.

Come on and update. EQD May have more chapters posted, but it's easier to keep track of it here. Why is it that I'm torn between my two fav sites? :fluttercry:

Wait, the hell? NINE MORE CHAPTERS of this exist out there! Why have you not included them?:rainbowhuh:

This is awesome, please don't stop!

:raritydespair: Why does this story never update? This is one of my favorites!

Is this story being uploaded onto fimfiction now? Great! I read all the updates on Equestria Daily, but this is my preferred site for fanfiction.

:twilightsmile: Ha! I love it. "OBJECTION!" "WE ARE NOT IN A COURT ROOM!" really like it, no spelling errors, and written perfectly

Two down, only 7 more till your caught up :derpytongue2:

haha my favorite chapter so far! Great job good sir!

7251 Oh, just wait until Pinkie turns into a physics-defying Sam Fisher. Of course, we've got a couple more chapters to go until that point...

[reads the ending of the chapter]

...something tells me that didn't go as planned...poor Trixie.

I can't wait for the next chapter! Keep it up!:twilightsmile:

Did you ever finish Chapter 14?

Holly Diver!
You've been down too long in the midnight sea / Oh, what's becoming of me?

Dr. Strangelove reference? Win.

One of the most enjoyable fics I've ever read from this remarkable fandom. Keep it up!

8947 I know, right? I can't wait for chapter 14!

Warp holes and Revelations . . . Muse reference!

...I'm at a loss for words. Such a good chapter... just...wow. :pinkiesmile:

Just as Planned.

Trixie has undisclosed desires for Twi :trixieshiftright:

Man, every time someone catches on, I get that song stuck in my head for the rest of the day.


Rarity: Hold on, Darling, this is ridiculous. You want me to kick you?
Twilight Durden: That's right.
Rarity: What, do you want me to strike your face?
Twilight Durden: Surprise me.

Holy fucking shit. First time I ever bother to read this much without skipping paragraphs and stuff.

heeeeeyyyy lazy author post the rest of the story, we all know this story has been out for almost 2 months. Finish it plleeeeaaassseeee!!

10113 Dude, people don't live just to write stories, he has a personal live. If you're that impatient, chapter 13 has been up at fanfiction.net, he's just been working on getting these up here while writing 14.


So wait, is he revising them? cause if that's the case i tottally understand, just originally confused why this story wasnt completely posted considering its already been out for a long time.


sorry for the miss understanding, i didn't mean to sound annoying or mean, i was trying to be silly ^^
I was confused by the fact that the story should have been posted all together, but if he is trying to go with the progression idea, then that clearly makes sense. i didn't even know he was working on a next part too! wow!

Sorry for the missunderstanding!~
keep up the great work!

Oh, that's a different matter. Sorry if I sounded hostile, then ^_^; From what I understand, Fimfiction messes with the formatting, so he has to go through and fix everything for every chapter.

It used to do that before (and pretty badly), but that was fixed earlier on. Still, I write out the chapters in LibreOffice, then upload the odt file to GDocs, which is always the first place you'll find new chapters. To import them over to FimFiction with all their formatting, I have to through the entire chapter adding the BBCode formatting tags. When I started converting the chapters, as I read them I noticed some things that needed fixing (like Applejack saying "I" instead of "Ah" in some instances), or sentences that I thought could use better syntax or rewording. I also added a bit more details to certain paragraphs that were pretty sparse; no major rewrites though.

Basically, up to chapter 13, FimFiction has the most updated versions of each chapter. I'm slowly going through the same fixes over on the FF.net site, and my DeviantArt site.

Incidentally, I'd keep an eye out on this page this weekend, since we all know what comes after 13... :rainbowkiss:

Ilike this story so much that I've become atrixie supporter, curse you
Still, :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

I'm loving this story so much. X3 Keep up the good work!

It looks like Pinkie can defy most laws of physics, but probably only without realizing it.:pinkiehappy:

Made from pegasus down...:pinkiecrazy:
No! Bad Internet! Out of my head!

What!? I read all thirteen chapters already!? FFFFFFFFF

awesome story by the way, keep up the good work, its nice to reread these stories after so long ago, i wish you the best of luck for chapter 15! i know sethisto on equestria daily will be pleased XD

"Is her title really "The"?"

I can't stop laughing.

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