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...or, alternatively, "Boy, Twilight Really Gets Around!"

A collection of very short snippets, ficlets, random ideas, and other musings that I've been collecting for years now, even while I was 'inactive' as a horseword writer. A lot of these come from discussing episodes, character motivation, and headcanons with a number of other different brony friends and writers.

Surgeon General's Warning:
For your convenience—no matter the character, setting, or subject being explored—all of these stories have been neatly stored and delivered in a standard Shipping container.

Though they are largely unconnected, some have developed running themes and jokes. Most of these stories center around Twilight Sparkle being the straight mare to the madness that is her romantic entanglements and life in Ponyville. They explore different temperaments and interpretations of our favorite nerd: sometimes adorkably inexperienced, sometimes confident, sometimes uncannily worldy.

Each one will feature an Author's Note that explains in better detail what's wrong with me the motivation, discussion, or episode that led to its creation. Most of these were written off the cuff on Skype or Hangouts, so they're mostly just for fun and not very detailed or polished; but I still enjoyed how they turned out!


Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 21 )

Friendship lubricant is best shipping fuel

Friendship Lubricant is an adequate, Federally approved substitute for JET-A and JP-8.

Is the Raven thing a reference to something?

:trixieshiftright: Trixie feels like somepony is missing from these chapters.


Yes. All of my yes. EVERYTHING YES!

I don't care if it's a clop, an entirely platonic thing steeped in deliberate joyous innuendo, or a deeply cerebral exploration of developing relationships and sexuality through what's initially just a hilarious platonic setup, I NEED THIS! NOW!

Now, before I go comment on the other chapters, quick tidbit:

When replying to comments in a multichapter story, you need to write your response on the same chapter as that comment. Just replying on the story index page will associate your comment with the last chapter in the table of contents, and the person you're replying to likely won't see it unless they're the story's author.

7618843 Tara Strong, voice actress for Twilight Sparkle, was also the voice actress for Raven, a character from Teen Titans.

I have now explained the joke. Consequently, there is no longer a joke.


I laughed many times at this chapter, but I shall now have to retract that laughter.

Indeed, it is as KingMoriarty said!

:pinkiesmile: Give her time...

Wait til you see Rainbow Dash's reaction...

Cross your fingers for it to appear in Season 7!

No cash refunds, only store credit.

It's nice, but the lack of Twilight in this chapter is depressing.
Should have been a Trixuettelight.

Points to new chapter
Will some Twixie do?

7625428 :trixieshiftleft: This is acceptable. But more would be pleasing.

Slip me some of that sweet, sweet Twixie

New Gravekeeper story? Excellent. I should really check my feed more often.


? That doesn't make sense. Minuette here is given enough character establishment to make the events of the story and her romance with Trixie work, but it's quick enough to keep the story short. Having it be Twilight would take both demonstrating a big enough change in Twilight's character for her to misuse a time-travel spell, and then take a bunch of explaining to show why she stopped, in addition to establishing Trixie romance. That's a bunch of extra work when Minuette fits this short-story perfectly.

"Uhhhh," Spike interjected, raising his arm from where he sat at the far corner of the balcony, "I kinda... heard too," he said, bringing his claw down and pointing his index fingers into each other. "I've been sitting out here since last night, after you guys started ignoring me and started getting all hoofsy with each other."

Twilight turned to stone right where she stood.

Poor Spike. In yet another story, his presence was forgotten by Twilight & Co. once they started getting naughty.

Trixie blinked. "Alright, so, Trixie, the dragon, and the pegasus—"

"Rainbow Dash, is that Fluttershy up there with you?!" Twilight freaked, noticing a very long, pink tail dangling from the other side of the cloud.

A squeak. "Oh my! Um, no...?"

Rainbow Dash's eyes flicked nervously from side to side. "Uh, yeah, uh, what she said. Nope."

And Rarity isn't hiding behind the door, Applejack isn't in the rafters, and Pinkie Pie definitely isn't inside the chest of drawers.

My thought process:

*Sees relationship
*Tries to shove Twilight into it

"That's like 5 conflicts of interest."

Technically, it would be grammatically correct to say five here.

A very hilarious little tale.

She's going to leave that castle a broken mare.

Well, it's amusing and I want to say more on that, but I'm afraid the weird color formatting was really distracting.

Why was some of the text ever so slightly blue? :rainbowderp:

Still, nothing like starting your day with some political shenanigans. :pinkiecrazy:

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