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This story is a sequel to Inner Demons

Play this song first!

Equestria's Darkest Hour was only the beginning... The end of days are fast approaching...

Twilight faced her darkness and made peace with it. Now she can face who she is, and not a moment too soon. The greatest battle in Equestrian history is about to begin, and she'll need to understand just how deep the darkness in her heart goes in order to face the threats to come. However, in preparation for the worst event in Equestrian history, she'll have to protect a mare that may be the key to everyone's destruction. Even worse, she has to deal with an old enemy/former friend that's intent on saving the world her way, which means killing the life that Twilight wishes to protect. But can a demon truly do an angel's job, or is Twilight simply deluding herself?

"Can I atone for my sins...?"

For years Diamond Tiara has been contending with dark feelings, night terrors, and blackouts she can't explain. When Apple Bloom, the love of her life, was here, she could handle it. Now that Apple Bloom is gone though, Diamond Tiara's sanity is slipping, and she's becoming something horrible. Good news, she's beginning to understand what she is now. Bad news, she hates it, because the more she learns, the less likely it seems she can be saved.

"Wh-what am I?! Apple Bloom, help me!"

She is the Guardian of Equestria, sworn to defend the golden land of Terra from any and all threats. Vale's life was saved by a Unicorn who's heart was more pure than even her own, but now she has to carry on her life and continue her own mission. That should be simple, except for three things standing in her way. Midnight has once again chosen to stand against her, the lover of the one who saved her won't leave her alone, and strange foreign emotions plague her, hindering her mission. All she knows is that something in her heart is saying this isn't right.

"What's holding me back...?"

These three, and others surrounding them, will play an integral part in the events over the next month. As for what their places on the board are, unfortunately that's not entirely up to them.

Note: if you haven't read the other stories yet, STOP NOW and read the following:
Inner Demons
Inner Demons: 10 Years and Inner Demons: Fragments of Truth (these can be read in any order, but only after Inner Demons)

Cover Art by my friend The Spectralist!

Inner Demons II added to the TV Tropes page?! WHAT?! Go here to read it!

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Yes! Yes! YES!!!

Continue this please


*clears throat and takes deep breathes* Okay, I'm good now. Onto the story!

Great, Diamond Tiara is on the verge of breaking and the only one who prevent it is in Canterlot. I give the world two days before all Tartarus breaks loose.

A sequel to Inner Demons? Insta-fav!!!

Are there any video game inspirations this time around? :derpytongue2:
Oh and Tiara will shatter in the next hour or so.

Beautiful... but who is Morgana? It seems like Tavi is having the weird dreams and such about the sword, but Diamond Tiara is the one with the interesting and destructive powers. Could it be that whatever Midnight did to Morgana in the past somehow split her into two different beings? Assuming of course that the sequels you wrote before this tie into this story.

Looking forward to more, so I hope you're able to continue this story and make it as excellent or even more excellent than the first..

Before this even begins, I have to ask you, Paleb, to stop analyzing the chapters to each story. Its kinda gotten irritating

I know im be a selfish piece of crap but I really get annoyed by them.

And now about the story: I need to re-read ID1, because some of this is confusing. :D But from what I remember, its great.

3204857 Aw, leave him alone. I actually like his style of comments. Those are my favorite kind, because it shows that he's really into it.

My only problem is that you use the word "actually" in the same way like 4 paragraphs in a row. kinda threw me off.

black blades from the ground impaling the minotaur.

That's what I call...

"That was a grusome kill."

...a fatality.
*Mortal Combat theme starts playing*
What the-?


(the explosions looked like hearts)

They are in Tartarus (aka Hell), one of them bombards the enemies with fucking stars, one slices the shit out of 'em with twin blades, and one of them possesses god damn Demon-powers.
Oh and there's that one who shoots hearts...

Seriously, I feel like Cadance is pretty much like "FML" through these fights.

This is already so fucking awesome. Started with a banger!

We're trying to keep it going till she gets back.

;_; That still hurts a bit...


"Yeah, I'm ready."

Ready to snap in 3... 2... 1...

A second later, half of them were engulfed in flames, Diamond Tiara smiling devilishly.

Close enough.

Oh don't worry, this Diamond Tiara isn't uber-creepy... yet, but she is creepy enough.

Ive read this and come to the conclusion that i should read all those other stories, and not just the original Inner Demons.

I can pretty much predict how this is going to go down.

And I still want to see it happen. THAT is when you know the story is amazing.

If my master was here. He would be so proud of you.

You are so much stronger than me, Twilight.

Oh god, no please no.

not this again please,

well if Twilight is going to be like me. She needs to learn the high ground is not your friend.

I had A random Dream that I was battling Evil twilight With My keyblade and the music was like this

ahhhhh yes! fav'd, thumbsed up and email updates

YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

3204783 Morgana le Fey. So this is going to be Arthurian?

Or was it just a symbolic name choice?

>>>Demon bats flew over them and fired laser beams at the two alicorns from thair tails, >>>


Demon bats with tail lasers... what's next, sharks with frickin' lasers on their heads?

Uhm.... nah, I can't take a battle like this seriously at all. Maybe if this was gonna be a DBZ-like sort-of-a-farce of itself. But this is just too silly.

3205794 Ask Sapphire. The character is in Inner Demons: Fragments of Truth. I asked the same question on the story, if she was named for Morgan le Fey and if the same sort of madness would take part in the story.

3205918 Not that interested. The battle made me laugh more than some of the stories around here labelled with the 'comedy' tag. It just doesn't seem like any of the drama is going to feel genuine to me.

I'm sorry to say but the sharks are endangered.

3205420 Yeah, I plan on making a note in the summary. Inner Demons is a given, but 10 Years and Fragments of Truth are vital to the plot.


Its my fault, i usually follow authors whose stories i favorite but i forgot to do that for you, so i missed the side stories.

3206865 Ah, well it's okay. Neither one of the side stories are very long, so you should be able to finish them quickly.

I've had the first story sitting in my read-later list forever, but I've never found time to read it. When I saw the sequel 2nd from top in the feature box, found out it has 2 very nice-looking side stories, and that people (3205627) are having dreams crossing over this and Kingdom Hearts :rainbowderp: (Which I am playing the 1.5 remix at the moment, very awesome), then it seems obvious that I have to find time to read it. Like, tonight.

Its up? AWESOME!!!!!

Also, congrats on being featured!

I only read this and the original, which, was pretty awesome when you think of all the stuff you crammed in there. I still hated Silver Spoon for being such a fake in that story, but really loved the surprise at the end. Before the final battle. All that stuff with Apple Bloom being sick and tired of being the butt of DT's jokes and not having her cutie mark, and then that bench scene. Good stuff. The Rarity arcs and the Trixie arcs were interesting. But it was certainly from the get go the CMC and trying to figure out what role DT would play in this, kept me going. Trixie became a welcome treat though.

(Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle vs Apple Bloom. Come on guys, ya'll gotta read the first one just for those fights alone! And poor Trixie. Twilight was an adorable psycho.)

Have to say, series is pretty fun. Every character had some good moments. Currently reading 10 Years, to fill in the blanks between Inner Demons 1 and 2. I'll be enjoying that while you work on more amazing chapters of Inner Demon 2.

Looking forward to more chapters. Obviously. :raritystarry::raritywink:

:pinkiehappy: And so it begins. Love it Sapphire keep up the good work!

i loved them all but now i need to read them all again becouse i forgot most of them already thx to other people
can't wait for more :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::twilightsmile:

3204866 Well, the least he could do is show a little more emotion.

Congratulations on the feature!

3207222 Oh thats Pretty Awesome! I forgot to mention that king mickey was Fighting with me in my dream Against the evil Alicorn twilight XD


Apple Bloom was wrong I think its not the end, its only the beginning of the end. :coolphoto:

I am enjoying this even though I think the foreshadowing has made it dead obvious on some of the major turning events, but I guess no storm comes without a warning. :twilightblush: I cant wait to see more!

A gentle breeze guide your way, a warming smile to welcome your return. :twilightsmile:

It's up!!! I'mma so hap-

I mean, uh... Great, can we have another chapter now?...

3213498 Should be coming later today.

Sons of Midnight... either they speak of the Midnight that possessed Twilight or something to do with Luna. I can't figure much of how the latter makes sense and the former... well, is Midnight still alive and simply sealed away in Tartarus? Or is she still somewhere inside Twilight?

Diamond Tiara is losing herself, but what would the Sons of Midnight want with her, assuming I'm on the right track with that idea. Plus, now Applejack is a thief? What power or whatever did She steal? I find myself completely at a loss as to what is going on here, since the original party of Bayonet, Vale, Azure Sky, Midnight and Morgana have all been accounted for. or am I missing something?

I almost cried at the ending. I feel so bad for Diamond Tiara, which is one of those rare things considering her usual persona. You've given such possible life to characters that have seemed so one directional. It is amazing, truly. Good work and good luck on the next chapter. Looking forward to it.

This is getting really good. I couldn't help but notice there was a small typo during the conference with Twilight and her friends. It says okd friends instead of old. Just thought you'd like to know :twilightsheepish:

Very interesting... Am waiting to see exactly the direction you take this story

Keep important information about Diamond Tiara a secret and not tell the ones who need to/aught to know what's going on/is about to happen.
:facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof:

Shitshitshitshitshit o_o

But stupidity aside for a moment now. I want to inform you...
There are stories that affect me in one way, and stories that affect me in many ways. This is a bit of both, but mostly the former.
I don't know HOW you do it, but you're playing your cards VERY fucking well with the dark feeling. I have not read a single story that affects me like this, I'm VERY pleased for what you are doing. It's amazing!

This story (all the parts, especially Fragments of Truth, absolutely loved it!) has deserved a place on my Godlike-list, and that is a BIG thing because it will join stories like The Immortal Game and The Sweetie Chronicles. Tomorrow, after I come back from school, it shall be getting its own trophy-slot:
Godlike-Series I: Inner Demons!!!

3214719 Aw, thank you! That means a lot, especially being next to the Immortal Game.

3213900 Midnight is Twilight so it would stand to reason she's apart of her inside herself. In chapter 1 it shows something far worse is sealed in Tartarus.

Damnit. This certainly isn't what Diamond needed, not now.

Her mother's simply going to make it worse, too. It's not going to be pretty one bit.

Then again, this is what I came for. I'm not disappointed yet and certainly don't plan to. The characters have new challenges and troubles clouding over them, so it's not really like before, and I like that. I feel really bad for how it's going for some of them, like Fluttershy and Pinkie. Diamond Tiara, though, she's gonna snap soon, and based on her mother's attitude, it's not going to help. I just wonder how she'll snap.

I'm not to sure if I want to read this. I enjoyed the first one, but the last 5 chapters were so just god awful and pretty much killed the story for me.

You are gaining momentum, now am lift wonder whose calls who a thief Apple Bloom or Granny Smith (if this is considered a spoiler I apologize and ask that this commit be taken down as soon as possible then if not, no harm done then!) I am getting more and more into the story, I hope Diamond realizes she can leave her mother to the doctors and go to Apple Bloom, but I doubt it. :unsuresweetie:

Gentle Breeze guide your path, and make a warm smile welcome your return. :twilightsmile:

Yup, some may think that my "Godlike-list" isn't that impressive, but it's not necessarily the quality of writing or quality of story, it just has to be something different and very good (well, this is pretty close to all of those).

But yea, this has earned its place ^-^

3215380 Uhm... last 5 chapters of what, exactly? I guess Inner Demons I.
Y'know, there are two sequels that are kinda must-read before this. And those are very well done sequels, even if Fragments of Truth may cause some inappropriate giggles...
But srsly, you may want to read those too, then come back. The writing may not be the best but it's still done quite well actually.

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