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I've never been good with ponies. Honestly, I would have been happy just being with my parents for the rest of my life. That all changed when they sent me to normal school. No, I didn't get better with ponies. But I did find someone who was just as bad as me. There was just one thing though. My soul was pure white, untouched by darkness and evil. Her soul was pure black, and only knew darkness and evil. She was a monster, and she wanted me to be hers and only hers.

And I loved every bit of it.

My name is Silver Spoon, and this is how I met a true monster, and how that monster became my best friend, and eventually more.

This is how I met Diamond Tiara...

Cover art by GSphere

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"A truly beautiful monster." We wonder sometimes how our friends can fall into the clutches of Purest Evil -- and now we know.

Interesting idea.
Really well done and executed!

Very nicely done


DAT SHIPPING THO :heart: :duck:

This is really, good, I must say. *upvotes* *favorites* :yay:

The best of friends can be the worst of people. And the best of lovers can be liars too.

Well done, you've certainty helped my story, if only a bit, with the silver spoons. It might clash with yours, but I'll make diamond more sympotetic at the end

This is one of the best DiamondxSilver stories out there.I liked and favorited. ^^

I found it a hard read but a worthwhile one.

3655793 Wow, really? That means a lot to me. Thank you!

I not really a big fan of F/F ships but this is a interesting yet dark fanfic i give it a awesome 8.1/10 good work :twilightsmile:

10/10 Incredibly interesting shipping, quite exciting to see a clean domination turned mutual give-and-take. Not something one reads everyday, you have provided a interesting train of thought. I know it might be weird to say, but don't write a sequel. Keep this story as is, like Silver Spoon's soul. One of tyhe few stories that has enough emotion power to keep it sustained for a indefinite long time. :heart:

You have no idea how long I've wait to read a story like this. It's just... simply beautiful. I can't rightfully express how wonderful this story was. I truly can't. The whole darkness seeping into light, light seeping into darkness, that whole themeing was executed so poetically. I swear, you have a great penchant for writing Dark stories.

This was a great origin story for how the two could of met. I for one feel pretty happy that you'd write this sort of thing for our group, flattered honestly. You really outdid yourself here. I still love your Diamond from the ID series, but this is the sort of Dark and gripping story telling I wish we had more of. Not many people seem to appreciate the amazing potential Diamond and Silver can do in a Dark Romance like this. I wish we got more of these Dark stories where Diamond has that High School jealousy, you mess with my Silver Spoon, talk her way out of a murder scene after being caught red-hoofed, Diamond Tiara.

Not that I want to read fics about mindless killing, but stories that provoke thought and emotions like this one here. It was shocking to see Silver Spoon speak about practically getting raped and her express those new emotions she was swimming in to how Diamond Tiara views her peers and what she will work to claim as her own in the future.

This story effectively renewed my love of the Dark genre. Love it. You really expressed these two in your story wonderfully. It's rather dumb that many people don't read Dark Stories and even less those with Diamond Tiara in it. This story deserves a feature, it rightly does. Seriously.

Well, good night. And thanks again for writing this beautiful story.

It's hiding in the dark! It's teeth are razor sharp! There's no escape for me! It wants my soul, it wants my HEART!

No one can hear me scream... Maybe it's just a dream... Maybe it's inside of me! Stop this monster!

I feel it deep within...

It's just beneath the skin...

I must confess that I...


A wonderful and moving story. Made me deeply feel the reasons why I love these two fillies.
This inspires me to draw more of DT and SS.
Thank you for writing this fic.

3661741 If you ever draw anything for this story let me know. I'd love to see it.

This is the first fic I've read focusing on these two and, oh. My. Celestia! That was freaking amazing! They were both so in character, I can completely picture this fitting into canon. Now I want to to read more stories about them like this. Nothing is more exciting than an evil couple!

Bahh, it's so good, I can't help but hate it because I can't make my work nearly as good

I actually liked this. I have never liked the pairing but you made me interested. <3

A VERY good story.

GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :ajbemused: :pinkiecrazy: :twilightoops: Not bad Sapphire but Jesus!

Oh, did I forget to mention that I'm sick in the head?:pinkiecrazy:

3749616 What you've done to Diamond Tiara and Rarity I never would've guessed:rainbowlaugh:

Finally got around to reading this. I used to just loathe Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon as one dimensional bullies. Usually that's all they are. But this version of the two explains so much of why they might behave the way they do. Course the show will be the show, but it's still fun to see what makes a character tick.

Great work.

I always have liked Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon... but this fic made me LOVE them! This was so good! :pinkiehappy::heart:

Hello. I'm writing to ask why you feel you need to include the topic of rape in this story. Was it because you as a writer are ready to treat this painful subject with the great compassion, sensitivity, and gravity that it deserves, or are you simply using it as a plot device in order to quickly generate sympathy and drama? Please be honest with yourself and seek the true answer to that question. Keep in mind that nearly 1 out of every 5 women has been sexually assaulted, and these women may be among your readers.

“But rape doesn’t only happen to women, and it’s not the only thing that happens to women. You can lose your job, your house, your car, your kid, your best friend, your business, your family, your faith, your following, your office. If men are reaching for the worst thing that can happen to women and choosing rape out of a deficit of imagination, then that’s having a character be sexually assaulted for shock value. If you want to tell a story that’s about the worst thing that happened to a specific woman character, you should be thinking very specifically about her and less about your and the audience’s default answer to a question.”

-Brit Marling

3814066 I never really thought that I had to answer for myself. I won't go into detail, but in my past, something awful happened to me and I was raped, so don't think I don't know the gravity of the situation.

I don't feel as an author or a victim I should have to answer that question or censor myself. I'm sorry, but that's how I feel.

That was...interesting...

I really enjoyed this! Bravo for taking this on and turning it into something so symbolic and beautiful!:coolphoto:

Awesome work! I don't really like DT and SS, but I can definitely appreciate the depth you've added to their characters, and even before SS looked at the book about pony psychology, I was thinking 'sociopath,' so I must congratulate you for that.

... So many conflicting personalities...Ugh my head hurts... And now I like SS more, but DT less. She scares me... DT is scary!!

3814066 ...What on Earth were you reading? There's nothing about rape in this story.

I really enjoyed this story. It didn't try to apologize for their behavior, nor make them redeem for it. It simply presented an explanation of how things are from their side of the story.

While I don't necessarily agree with the magnitude, the overall direction and theme of the story is wonderful. Great job.


She trotted away, leaving me lying there on the grass. I tried to collect my thoughts, but no matter what I did, I couldn't focus them. This filly had practically raped me, and then took ownership of me as if I was a pet or an object.

What story were you reading?

Notice the word "practically". And after that... Ohhhh ok, one tiny word out of 7,000 I may have disregarded due to it's insignificance. You got me.

This story is 100% Diamond Cutters Approved!

3814066 diamond tiara is a sociopath and the sexual assault is the only sociopathic behavior which actively occurs in the story. She admits to physically harming snips and snails but it happens behind the scenes. Also I'd like to point out that I identify with snips and snails since I've had a knife pulled against me in school, but I'm not jumping down the authors throat for using physical assault in the story(it has a dark tab for a reason).

i cant help but love twisted stories like this. i thank you for writing it, its this kind of story that i really enjoy :yay:

How to put this diplomatically:
It is well plotted and thought out, but it hinges on one crucial point: Can the reader suspense his belief about the mental age of the main characters.
And frankly, I can't
Neither DT nor SP in this story act or think like the children, they are supposed to be.
Here, you make Diamond basically an irredeemable monster.
She hurts and potentially kills others, wants to rule the world and even sexually assaults Silver Spoon? (How does Silver even KNOW what rape is? She is ten at that point! And a book about psychology? At that age? Finding complex diagnosis and descriptions of behavioral patterns all by yourself? Especially with how pampered she is supposed to be?)
For me, this drains all the charm out of those two character. See, their plots and scemes are no doubt malicious, but they are children's stuff. That creates the contrast. That DT acts like a Bond villain over completely benign stuff.(Diamond treats the SCHOOL PAPER like her personal labor force / The two want to dishearten Scootaloo, so they can carry a flag / etc.).
Maybe it is just me, but I really dislike this approach, set-up and execution.

This is the most awesomest story I have read so far. I mean it's almost like Beauty and the Beast. Silver was the Beauty and Diamond was the Beast. And Silver's love made Diamond pure and beautiful. It reminds me of the song by Ne-yo: Beautiful Monster. Bravo, pegasister (or brony), bravo!!!!!:twilightsmile::raritywink::pinkiehappy::yay::ajsmug::scootangel::heart:

Wowie, Silver Spoon! Those are some awfully proper language skills you've got there for a filly who cries on her first day of school.

I also don't know which sources you've been reading, lil' filly, but psychopath and sociopath mean the exact same thing psychopathologically. Okay, I'll concede that some authors use the former term to describe someone with a stronger genetic predisposition to it whereas the latter has a stronger contextual social base. Still, it's all inside the scope of antisocial personality, girl. Not to mention that the traits you described can also fit on histrionic and narcissist personalities. This is why, nowadays, we don't talk about "personality disorders", but "personality traits"; diagnosis often overlap. Twilight would be frowning at you.

Jokes aside, author. Do you really expect me to believe that a filly as young (and immature) as she is being described here would be so eloquent and insightful? The faults in your psychopathological description of Diamond Tiara were a pet peeve, I'll concede, but I was able to look past that... even though the story dances around it.

Still, neat lil' thing you wrote.

When I had my first asthma attack they rushed me to the hospital and made sure I was taken care off.

'of' not 'off'

I got mine when I realized how people listen to me.

'ponies' not 'people'

"I couldn't stay in the good school he wanted me in, I'm not smart enough to do anything, even when I finally got my Cutie Mark all he said was 'why isn't it associated with money'! I can't do anything to please him! I'm a failure!" suddenly there were tears in her eyes, "A failure..."
As she broke down

I'm pretty sure you broke into my heart and stole some feels while I read this. It hurt my heart a lot.:fluttershysad:

I'm running outa feels guys! Stop making such feels stealing stories!:rainbowkiss:

6731099 Sorry, but I can't do that personally. Stealing feels is literally my bread and butter on this site.

This was written beautifully, I really enjoyed this story. :twilightsmile:

At this point I didn't care that I "belonged" to Diamond Tiara. In fact, I was overjoyed by the thought. I knew what she was, and according to the book, a pony like her would only see me as an object meant to be owned.
If that was the case, then I was proud to be her most prized possession.

Given that prior to Crusaders of The Lost mark we saw nothing but greed, anger and lust for power in Diamond Tiara I support this head canon fully!:pinkiehappy:

this is my fetish.:twilightblush:

What no one knew was what we were truly like behind closed doors, and what we truly desired. She was my knight in shining armor, and I was her beloved princess. I came up with the plans, and she executed them.

OM:trollestia: is this a prequel to "Bad Girls" because in that fic (I think it was that one) Diamond is described as Silver's knight and Silver her Princess!:pinkiegasp:

Having Silver share a bit of her soul and take on some of Diamond's darkness (figuratively speaking) in order to dilute their two extremes was a stroke of genius!:pinkiehappy:

7201287 Actually, this was made using Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon from another story I have on fanfiction called "Alive". It's a Sweetie Bot story.

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