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I...I am a monument to all your sins...


Diamond Tiara has always considered Silver Spoon her best friend, yet she's questioned that lately - sure, they still do all the things they've normally done, from going out for ice cream to studying for class, although something feels different. Having grappled with strange new feelings for weeks on end, she finally decides to ask the one young mare she trusts most about the matter...

Artwork by Mcsadat

Now with a reading reading by StraightToThePointStudio!!!

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This was unexpectedly adorable. And made me hungry for ice cream. And bananas.

Sharing a spoon--it's an indirect kiss!

A good time with the best filly.

A…..safe rated story from some leech…..

(Brain bucking explodes)

Bruh, I wrote a SFW novel


Unbelievably wholesome.

Just what the hay kinda degeneracy are you pushing, here? :trollestia::rainbowlaugh:

Next, you’ll be writing a sequel where they hold hooves. Outrageous!

I am not a fan of clop.
Thank you for this one.
Your writing is good.

Really I didn’t now, that’s pretty cool

Leech plus...E rating? Not just SFW, but wholly innocent and family friendly? :pinkiegasp:

Not to dismiss that, but dude you have, what, like a dozen SFW stories to your name, compared to over two hundred (200) NSFW stories. Regardless of how you slice it, story number, word count, chapter count, (presumably hours spent writing), or some other empirical way of measuring it. (If you wanna go with Leech's SFW writing being higher quality, "quality" is (highly) subjective by definition in many if not most contexts, and all creative ones, and using stuff such as like/dislike is problematic for a number of reasons, namely that's more an indication of popularity and the fandom's reception than a critic's measure of quality. Aka, that's just your opinion, man.)

Point being, there's no escaping this reaction. It's like whenever people see Gordon Ramsay being really nice and positive. Doesn't matter that him being ill-tempered and having explosive outbursts is mostly for show and heavily played up and this being well documented and blindingly obvious if you watched any of his UK shows that largely lack that, that image is so ingrained on this side of the pond it'll take years and media featuring him without that persona to see it to go away.

So. Uh... "On brand" sequel when?


Next, you’ll be writing a sequel where they hold hooves. Outrageous!

(quietly unzips)

Goodness gracious I can't even begin to describe how wholesomely sweet every single word is in this fic! Absolute adorableness beyond compare! Hope ya don't mind, but I seriously couldn't resist making a reading of this cute fic of yours!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/XUeUZoJo87k

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

Leech writing about cute little foals... doing adorable things? What is this? Where even am I? The world is crumbling down... help...

I updated the story description

Wow, the title describes this story to a "t."

Awww, ain't that such a happy display, it sickens me!

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