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Hello! Here's a little info on yours truely, friedchicken96.

Name: Sara, but you can call me by my username if you like.

Why the silly username? I'm a silly person? For some reason whenever I have to think of a password or username food is on my mind, and I use this username on a lot of other sites too. And yes I do love fried chicken.

What I do outside the fandom: I go to college and goof off with my friends. I'm a psych major and anthropology minor.

Favorite pony: Hard to decide, but my current favorites are Twilight, Sunset, and Pinkie Pie.

Favorite Crusader: Hands down Scootaloo. I mean really she's just so precious! :rainbowkiss:

Favorite Princess: Celestia, yes yes I know this is an unpopular opinion. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love Luna too! I just really love Celestia and love to think about how she managed 1000 years without Luna and how she deals with her mistakes. Not to mention how she's incredibly manipulative, and I love her as a morally gray ruler.

OTP: I mean do you have to ask? It's probably pretty obvious at this point. Sunlight has taken over my life. Octavia and Vinyl Scratch are my second for this fandom though.


Summer is coming · 2:11am Apr 19th, 2015

Hello everybody! I would like to discuss with you a few different things. First of all, for those of you following me, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! Second, my final exams are coming up not this week, but the next which means I will have plenty of time to write! So be on your toes, because I have quite a few ideas for new fics. Don't worry, Valentine's Catastrophe is still getting an epilogue, I've just been busy with college stuff and suffering from a bit of writers block. Now,

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Thank you very much for the fave!

2017028 Thanks for writing it! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding A Lost Sunset to your bookshelf!

Thanks a lot for the fave!

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