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Name: Evelyn
Age: 20
Best Pony: Sunset Shimmer
Best Mane Six: Twilight
Best Princess: Luna
Best Villain: Discord
Best Next Gen.: Starburst (by Kilala)
Bday: August, 14
OTP's: Sunlight, Sciset, Octascratch, Sweetie Mash, Pinkie Dash

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Thanks for adding my story to those lists

Thank you for looking at Life After Ponies!

Past Sins is just such a good story!
It is especially well written when you consider that it was published before season 2 was aired, and the character development is so insightful given how the series developed.
I hope you like the three stories I have written starring Nyx, and if you do I have plenty of other stories for you to browse through at your leisure.
Great to hear from you and thanks for your support!

I'll let you know when I release it

Sorry I'm only just now responding I was a bit busy.

You're welcome. I had just gotten done reading Past Sins and although i'm still making my way through Pen Stroke's stuff I absolutely loved Nyx and wanted to see what others did with her. After I get done with Pen's stories i'll be sure to give yours a read as well as take a stroll through your other stories.

You are also welcome. As I said above I had just finished Past Sins and wanted to see how other people implemented Nyx as a character. As I finish up with Pen's stuff i'll be sure to give your story a read. Also of course i'll give it a like. I might not have read it yet but it's clear you've put a lot of effort into the story and have been writing it for a long time. For me that is more than enough reason to like it.

  • Viewing 124 - 128 of 128
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