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Greetings and bienvenue, I am Michael Ravencroft. Writer and artist. From the obscure, to the known, from Comics, to Tokusatsu, nothing eludes my creative eyes. Hark the Raven.


Sunset Shimmer, the terror of Canterlot High, and former protégé of Princess Celestia, and Twilight Sparkle, a recently transferred girl who has won the hearts of the students and reunited five friends. One struggles against her loathing, while the other seeks to help, both have no idea how their lives are about to change, and how much they well come to rely on each other.

A group simply known as the Organization seeks to create an arms race, using a powerful weapon known as the Firestorm Protocols, but when Twilight and Sunset find one of the protocols, can they come together to stop the Organization's plans? Secrets are revealed, allegiances are tested, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance, the Firestorm Crisis has begun...!

Note: This takes place in an Alt. Universe after the events of the Fall Formal and a little before Rainbow Rocks. Pony!Twilight never arrived to EQG world and CHS, but Human!Twilight did.

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I've been waiting for a Firestorm story for so long. It's nice to see it finally happened.

You may want to watch out for Run-On senates in the future, there are a ton in this chapter.

“Oh my god! 9,000 and still rising! He’s going into meltdown!”

5584770 I thought Firestorm needed some love, and Sunset and Twilight felt like the perfect duo for the role.

But...I wanted more Lanterns, now I also get Firestorm...eventually?

I've always figured Twilight and Trixie to be opposites, and Twilight and Sunset similar.

5585617 Yes, but we learned that during Rainbow Rocks. Their similarities will become clear to each other soon enough.

5585328 Yes, yes it is :twilightsmile:

Bill Neigh

Bill Nye, the Science Guy.

“Oh my god! 9,000 and still rising! He’s going into meltdown!”


Where did that come from?! Sunset thought. What the hell is wrong with me?! I’m no damn rapist!

Good. Though I'm rather confused as to when this happens, Sunset is still a bitch, so before Rainbow Rocks, yet the Princess of the Fall Formal implies she was already rainbow blasted, I'm confused.

“Gilda,” said Sunset in a monotone voice.

Oh great, she's here.

“Lightning Dust,” said Sunset in the same tone.

Lightning Dust too, fantastic.

Sunset sat there in silence, for that brief moment of anger, Principal Celestia sounded very much like Princess Celestia. She was wondering if the two weren’t somehow channeling each other without the other knowing.


“Potentially dangerous and yields a lot of power, and a bit unstable……sounds like fun!” Sunset said with a grin.

You worry me.

“Don’t say ‘slumber party’ or I’m out.”
Twilight closed her mouth quickly.

You worry me.


Ladies! Language!

Shining Armor tapped the guard of his sword to make the blood fall off. At that moment the remaining three men had a delayed reaction to the attack, with big red gashes appearing on their bodies and making them spray blood onto the walls. Shining Armor re-sheathed his sword and headed on down the hall.

Dalies and Mentlegen, best pony.

“Relax Sparkle, I was joking…mostly.”

That isn't very reassuring.

{♪Aaaaaaaaaah~ Haaaaaaaaa~ Aaaaaaahhhh~ Aaaaaaaah~♪}

The Sirens are appearing early. Crap.

“Twily…? I don’t…I don’t get! Why the hell do you look like Twilight?!”

I'd like to know too.



5586015 Explain C & C and I'll tell you if it is.

5586451 Note the AU tag, this takes place in a world where pony Twilight never went to the human world, but there is a human Twilight in this world that appeared around the time of her scheme to take over the world. And that's all you're getting as far as explanations are concerned.

5587229 Thank you, been wanting to do a Firestorm story for a bit. :twilightsmile:

5587686 I wonder what else you have in store

Another good dcu/pony merge. Well, Equestria Girls that is. Can't wait to see what happens next. Keep it coming. :twilightsmile:

5588423 Ah, no. This is a crossover featuring DC Comics' superhero, Firestorm. See Bio HERE

Sunset stopped at the foot of the stairs and turned to Twilight. “Tell me if this headline grips you? Local high school girl, Twilight Sparkle, lies in a hospital bed in a coma. The young girl was found with another girl, considered a troubled student of CHS, named Sunset Shimmer. Apparently both girls were riding a motorcycle in the middle of the night, getting into an accident. Sunset Shimmer has a broken leg and arm but is otherwise alright, authorities stated that it was Sunset’s helmet that prevented her head from hitting the pavement like her passenger. Get it?”

“Got it…but…”

“Look, you and I both know that everyone in the school is going to blame me if you get hurt! So just do me a favor, wear the helmet and try not to break anything!”


“Yeah, I’m alive.”

“Um…thank you for saving me but…could you maybe not keep your hand there?”

“My hand – GAH!”

Sunset looked down, seeing that she had somehow ended up on top of Twilight, with her right hand pressed against her left bosom. She jerked her hand away and shot up to her feet, dusting herself off and trying to act nonchalant about it. Sunset then offered her left hand to Twilight as the other girl sat up.


Twilight took hold of the hand let Sunset help her back to her feet. “I-It was accident, but thank you for saving me.”

My favorite parts of this chapter, I can't wait for the next chapter :D

Also, I liked how Sunset is slowly falling in love for Twilight :3
When they are going to have their intimacy moments? Q_Q

My hypothesis as to why Twilight was able to be so calm, was that she had an idea of what was going on, and was so scared she was calm.

Any chance that there is a picture of this Firestorm somewhere? Would like to see her. :fluttercry:

5612704 It's a slowly simmering romance. Get it, "slow simmer", 'cause this is Firestorm and it deals with flames? HA AHA HA! :rainbowlaugh: In all seriousness, it's building up towards it.

5613655 Hmmm, interesting hypothesis, let's see if it holds up. :trixieshiftright:

5614161 Sadly there is no picture, I'd make it myself, and I have a cool cover art design in mind.......BUT I DON'T HAVE MY DAMN TABLET ANYMORE! :flutterrage::fluttercry:


Considering she either hacked the thing or got the code right and seemed to know what she was doing, I suspect that she has at least an idea of what's going on which is why she's not panicking.

“It was the place we were banished to…where we ended up and were stuck in for a while,” said Adagio.


5647824 Makes sense now, this will be touched upon more further down the road.

This story interests me, you have my attention!

Have you ever heard of a brilliant scientist by the name of Bill Neigh?

He's a science guy.

...Firestorm is supposed to be two people fused together as one hero. Them both useing the same protocol together was the perfect way for that to happen. Why are they two seperate heroes? This doesn't make sense, your other DC fics follow the comics formulas, so why not here?

5694517 Because this particular Firestorm is somewhat following the New 52 version of Firestorm. In which there are multiple Firestorms and Jason Rusch and Ronny Raymond are two separate Firestorms as seen here:


EDIT: HOWEVER, the Firestorm in my "MLDC: Teen Titans" follows the original version of the two becoming one.

5694727 ...God damn you New 52, you had to ruin one of the most origional core concepts for a superhero ever. I don't mind there being evil ones, I really don't. But the fused hero was a really unique and well done idea, and now nope, just regular superheroes.

5696016 How little faith you have in me. Already condemning this without seeing the master plan unfold, keep reading on and you might be surprised.

Way past cool. Still would love a pic.

5696027 I'm not condemning you, I'm shouting to the heavens about DC's New 52, which just keeps getting worse and worse.

*♪Awesome as I wanna be! Hey! Hey! Hey!♪*

ALL my yes.

“Take a picture, it lasts longer Sparkle.”
Twilight fell back on her rear from the sudden awakening of Sunset, who was now staring at the downed girl with a bit of mirth in her aquamarine eyes.
“Morning to you too,” said Sunset.

I love this kid!

“You know you can use my first time,” said Twilight.

First NAme.

“Don’t get the wrong idea Sparky! I just don’t want you whining about safety this and that, and this way I don’t have to keep lending you mine.”

My Tsundere sense are tingling.

Twilight just went back to sipping her drink, but a little smile did grace her lips. Sunset mentally face palmed herself, she had no idea what was wrong with herself. Here she was dining with the very girl who ended her reign within CHS and severely cut her powerful hold on the student body, and not once did she feel like snapping at her. For some reason, being around this girl, Twilight Sparkle, was strangely…calming. She was definitely different from the other kids at the school, smarter, leagues smarter than she’s cared to fully admit, and she had this mysterious air about her.

Ah, so this is before Rainbow Rocks, which explains Sunset's abrasiveness and this is a Twilight that stayed in the human world, but what about Spike? Can he no longer talk?

It wasn’t long before the source of the madness appeared just ahead, heralding the destruction. His arms were covered in some kind of red cloth that matched his pants, but around his wrists were silver wristbands, and on his feet silver boots. A red colored sun was on his black armored chest, along with three smaller red orbs in a V pattern around the sun, the bottom half of his face was obscured by a tattered scarf that flapped in the heat-generated winds. A red cowl covered most of his head, leaving the face untouched, his red eyes glowed with the power of an inferno, and his hair was on fire – no, it was more literal to say that his hair was made of fire!


But you…you don’t have to fight, you have a choice not to fight at all and just runaway! Even still, you’re willing to use that thing to give you the power to protect total strangers, they’re not even your friends…them I could see you risking your life for! Not my life, or any of theirs! Is that why the other you was chosen to be a Princess?! Because of this exact trait?!

Oh this is HUMAN WORLD Twilight, OK, sorry, the fic was just unclear about it.

Sunset’s body was made of yellow flames, but an armored chest plate appeared over it, complete with a red sun surrounded with white corona. Two white lines ran parallel to form an X and a third ran across in a horizontal bar, and within each white line was a red orb, six in total. A mesh like cloth covered her upper arms, neck, and most of her thighs down to her ankles. What appeared next where metal gauntlets, not large, just slim enough to fit over her forearms and cover her hands. A hole appeared at the top of each one, and from it bellowed forth the golden-yellow flame.
Two long pauldrons appeared on both shoulders, on her feet materialized slim metal boots that covered most of her legs below the knee. At the sides, where the outer part of the ankle was, two more circular holes appeared, allowing more of the flames to appear. The cowl around her head wrapped snugly against her, from the top, where her hair once was, were bellowing golden flames that reached down to her feet and whipped around like a tail. Her face was untouched, although it may’ve appeared a bit older by two years or so. Finally, yellow lines etched themselves into the armor gauntlets, boots, and pauldrons. Around the cowl, the lines formed a kind of corona crown, her symbol, cutie mark, flashed above her forehead for brief instant before disappearing.


Twilight’s was a bit different. Her body was made of pink flames. A dark gray cloth like material appeared around her feet, traveling up till it had covered everything put her arms, stopping around her neck. A metal belt appeared around her waist, and from it sprang out a long flowing skirt that left the front open. The chest armor appeared, violet in color, but it only covered the upper part, and upon it was the symbol of a red sun with a white corona, and six bars rose to it, three from one side, and three on the other, each bearing a red orb like Sunset’s.
Violet metal rings appeared around Twilight’s forearms, covering them completely, with a pair of violet gloves slipping over her hands. Violet boots appeared next, but these were longer, and rode up to just below her knee, not armored like Sunset’s. Violet plates appeared on either side of Twilight’s thighs, and one sculpted into abs on her midsection. Her cowl was formed next, the dark violet contrasted nicely against her lighter shade of lavender skin, her face aged two years like Sunset’s. Her hair was now the pink flames, but they gave off shimmering sparkles within the flames themselves. The final piece was that of the etched yellow lines that appeared over her boots, a thin line around her belt, and the plates. Around her cowl the lines formed the corona crown, similar to Sunset’s, above her forehead the symbol of a pink, six-pointed star flashed and then disappeared.

Fanart. Now.

5697799 Cripes, how did I miss that! :facehoof: Yeah, I'm purposefully leaving the origins of this Human Twilight vague, as well as the circumstances around Sunset's loathing of her, you'll see further into the fic who she is and other things pertaining to Sunset. And if you're offering or know someone who can, then go ahead. God knows I'm in no position to do so...not by choice mind you. Oh, and this is the song I was listening to while writing that entire transformation sequence.


5696837 Ah, then pardon me.


Oh trust me, if I could draw both a *BEEP* I WOULD made fanart of this. Sadly, I'm an actor, not an artist.


What can I say? I'm a sucker for Sunset. When well written. Ie, ANY other way than herself in EQG, like here, she's a jerk at worst, but she clearly does regret her actions to a degree, but it is gonna take a while for her to come out of her shell and mellow out as much as with Canon Sunset.

Yaaaaay, more chapters :3

by some strange reason, read this fight reminds me Megaman ZX Biometal Models xD

Sunset: Go Twilight finish him off
Twilight: alright here we go FINISHING MOVE


5750509 thank you but seriously what twilight did made me automatically think of this especially when they absorbed the protocol into themselves

“In addition to being a pyromaniac, and being sadistic, he’s also developed a god complex,” said Twilight.

Looks like it.

The pyromaniac managed to block one punch, allowing him to deliver a powerful hook right to Sunset’s stomach, knocking the air out of her lungs. In that same moment, Blaze maneuvered around so that he was behind her now. He grabbed hold of her right wrist, wrenching her arm back, causing Sunset to grunt in pain, and with his left hand he palm struck Sunset right at the elbow at the same time. The result was the sickening crunching and cracking sound of Sunset’s arm breaking at the elbow, causing the crimson warrior to cry out in pain as her eyes bulged out from the injury.

Oh dear...

“It’s just a simple matter of manipulating the gravitons that float within the air, but forget that! Sunset your arm!”


The crimson Firestorm looked at her arm with a growing feeling of nausea, her arm looked like a jackknifed semi, and she couldn’t even move it. But just then flames erupted around the arm, surrounding the broken area. The flames changed into the atomic rings, and within a few seconds Sunset’s arm was set back into place. Both girls were astonished by the sudden regeneration, Sunset flexed the fingers of her right hand, and then gave her arm a few light bends. There was no pain at all, her arm had been completely healed.


“It must be our bodies, we’re not exactly flesh and blood anymore. And because of that, we must be able to heal at a faster rate than normal,” said Sunset with an observational tone.

Most likely.

Outside the sphere, Twilight was doing her best to keep hold over the chains, her brow furrowing as she concentrated. Sunset noticed her struggling and looked to the sphere, watching as the center glowed brighter. The red Firestorm thrust out her hand, concentrating to aid in the maintenance of the chain sphere. Her eyes saw into the atomic structure of the chains, seeing Twilight’s artistry in rearranging the atoms into a stronger version of themselves. Seeing where the bonds were growing weaker, Sunset concentrated her energy on transmuting the bonds back into place. But something was wrong, the atomic rings that usually precursor the usage of their powers did not appear at all.

Reminds me of Fullmetal Alchemist's alchemic transmutation.

I can’t use fire blasts and Sunset can’t transmute?! Does that mean that the Protocol split its abilities between the two of us?!

Looks like it.

Twilight didn’t have time to ponder this as the chains burst apart, vaporized by the heat and power of Blaze’s energy. The rogue Firestorm looked upon them with pure hate and rage burning in his eyes. Blaze shot out with a trail of flames in his wake, cocking back his left fist as he aimed right for Twilight. The lavender Firestorm’s eyes widened when she saw him careening for her. When Blaze threw his punch Sunset bolted and got right between him and Twilight. With her right hand Sunset caught the punch mid strike, sending a shockwave booming around them from the residual force and power being dispersed.

Oh dear...

Blaze readied to blast her in the face with his other hand, but Twilight thrust out her left hand, summoning the atomic rings around her hand. A great pressure formed between Sunset and Blaze, and with a flick of the wrest Twilight unleashed the pent up force, sending a wave of pressure roughly the equivalent to being slammed with a ten-foot steel wall. The pressure wave threw Blaze some ought feet away. Sunset looked to Twilight, smirking at the egghead’s quick thinking.

Twilight used Force Push! It's Super Effective!

With a snap of her fingers, Twilight made the air molecules grind against each other, causing enough friction that they caused a chain reaction. All ten ignited at once, causing a massive explosion within the confines of his barrier, which only magnified the damage and power of the detonation. Sunset’s attack blew up at the center, adding to the destructive power of the attack.


“You know we can’t let him go, he’ll just come back and try this all over again.”
“What do you suggest? Killing him?”
“That’s an option.”
“No Sunset! We’re not stooping to their level!”
“Well we can’t just let ‘em keep that Protocol!”

Ah yes, to Kill or not to Kill. This again.

Before Aria could get an answer, Adagio threw herself at Aria, knocking the both of them onto the flat of the rooftop. Sonata turned around and watched as the other two Sirens rolled around, still eating her popcorn. Adagio managed to get herself on top of Aria, she then placed her hand on Aria’s chest, making Aria eyes widen and her cheeks flush.

Oh my...

Adagio gave Aria a coyish smile, she then thrust her other hand forward, putting it right beside Aria’s head as she leaned down to the grumpy Siren. “Now who said we were through here?”

Oooh, another show! I’ll need more popcorn!

Nice trick to defeat the baddie, ended much better for him than in DC's 52. Also liked seeing the Dazlings more complex relationship. :trixieshiftright:

5752404 Well when they've been around for as long as they have (headcanon being they've been on Earth for a very long time), things like their griping between each other does get on their nerves, but they've been together too long to let it break them up. And plus, a Siren has needs too y'know. :raritywink:

5752179 "Oh my" indeed Mr. Takei. :trollestia:

The five girls blinked in surprise of the amount of conviction behind her words. “Alright, simmer down Twi, Ah didn’t mean nothin’ by it. Don’t get me wrong though, Ah’m glad she was able to put whatever grudge she has against ya away and help ya.”

Whoa wait, did Applejack just be reasonable? No wonder she's my favorite pony.

“Um…if you don’t mind, how was it? Having Sunset Shimmer at your house?” Fluttershy asked.

A unique experience I'd imagine.

“I figured Principal Celestia just put you two together as some strange way to make you guys be friends, that, or her grades were so bad that she needed this project to get them up,” said Rainbow Dash.

Dash! Don't be mean.

Pinkie’ expression deadpanned. “Wow, that’s uninteresting. I would’ve pictured Sunset as more of a wild thing at night, or at least someone who was into partying hard.” At that moment Pinkie’s expression changed to reflect inspiration had struck. “Oh, oh, we should totally invite her to our next Slumber Party!”

Considering her personality, I wouldn't.

“I just think…after hearing how she’s been around you, maybe she’s trying to be better? Trying to make friends?”


The rest of the group took a moment to digest that. True, Sunset Shimmer didn’t have any friends, to be honest, she had more enemies than she did friends, but that was mostly her own doing. The only ones who stuck around her were Snips and Snails, and after Sunset got locked up in Juvie some months ago, they were adamant about staying away from her. So now that just left the red and yellow haired girl alone.

Sunset went to Juvie? That's, actually a nice addition, while the school may not have forgiven her, which was fine with the rating of the show, nice to know that here where the rating is, higher, than for MLP, there are more serious consequences.

“Do you think she’s possibly an orphan?” Rarity asked.
“It would explain her antisocial tendencies, why she feels the need to have control over everything, and get respect by forceful means,” said Twilight.


“‘Poor Sunset’, really?” The others looked to Rainbow Dash. “So what if she did come from a crappy home, is an orphan, or was abused. There other people who have gone through that and aren’t total assholes. Taking out your problems on other people is a coward’s way of dealing with them, instead of facing them!”


“I don’t know…”

Of course not.

Silence reigned for all of ten seconds before Sunset face palmed herself. “You gotta be kidding me?!”


“I think the way you changed back also has bearing on how we can change into our Firestorm forms. Think about it, the activation code word is ‘Firestorm’, but it has to be more than that. Otherwise we could just say it while we were having a conversation and change right on the spot. I think your concentration technique of willing the power in and out of the Protocol works in tandem with the word. Just willing the energy free isn’t enough, it needs be lit, ignited and given form.”

Right, I gotcha.

Sunset placed her hands on her hips and stared at Twilight impressively. “Wow, you figured out all that just like that?”

ImpressED, not ively. And yep. She's that good.

Sunset chuckled, but then she felt her phone vibrate in her jacket pocket. She pulled out the device and saw that she had two-hundred texts and one-hundred and seventy voicemails, all from Celestia.
“Oh crap…”


It was awesome, terrifying, like she could reduce everything around her to rumble with a flick of her wrist. Sunset wondered if this was the kind of power that Princess Celestia wielded on a daily bases. To have so much power, to know that you could raze anything to the ground, and defeat any foe that stood before for you, the sun’s power within your hands, or hooves.

BasIs. I, not e. And yes, she could. Why do you think she was beaten in Canterlot Wedding? She held back so as not to kill anypony, sadly, she held back too much.

She loved the way it sounded, how each strum of the chords made a power sound, and with the right combination could invoke an invigorating tune. Thanks to her persistence in learning the instrument, Sunset was rewarded with not only learning better control of her digits, but also became a pretty wicked guitar player too.


Equestria had experienced a long time of peace, and crime such as murder was an extremely rare occasion. The last time Sunset could remember hearing about a murder was when she wasn’t even born yet. Sunset chuckled, remembering another little annoying thing about being in this world. Though she was much older back in Equestria, around twenty-one, when she arrived to this world, she was at least between the ages of thirteen to fourteen, freshman age.

AHA! Someone else! I always figured that the Mane 6 were roughly 20, same with Sunset, but were put in a younger body here. I just estimated her to be a bit, you know, older, roughly 15, 16, 17 max.

Sunset looked down at herself, she was wearing her sun embroidered pajama top, but going lower, she noticed that she only had on her purple striped panties and some socks on. The rebellious girl blushed hard at how she just callously opened the door without realizing that she was half-naked. Sunset quickly closed the door in Twilight’s face and scrambled about the apartment.

Aw, and here I suspect Twiley was enjoying the fanservice.

Twilight watched as Sunset stepped aside to allow her entry. When she got in, Twilight glanced over the area. It was a very spacious apartment. There was a coffee table in the foyer, a couch and a recliner. A flat screen TV was hanging on the wall, along with a Blu-ray player and sound bar. Further back was the kitchen area, an electric stove with over hanging vents and lights, a stainless steel fridge, and near the kitchen was a wooden table with matching chairs.


Sunset smirked. “Looks like you understand. So, Celestia told you where I lived?”
Twilight nodded.

That explains it.

The violet girl spluttered and covered her mouth with her hands to stifle a gasp. “S-Sunset! You’re underage! You shouldn’t be –!” Sunset then took out two cans of soda. “– drinking soda… and you were kidding…I’ll be quite now.”

Troll. And it's quiET.

“Sunset, please come back to my house, I need to run some tests on you.”

This sounds like the beginning of a Cupcakes style grimdark, or a really kinky clopfic. I know this is neither, but, just thought I'd make the joke.

“I guess I will, the last thing I need is to go into meltdown in the middle of class.”

Yep, especially a physical one, a Lesson Zero or Party Of One type meltdown is bad enough, so, a nuclear meltdown, yeah.

Sunset’s grin widened upon hearing this. “Couldn’t resist a little joy ride huh Sparky?”

Guess not.

“Mr. Miser, if I may? The purpose of doing that was three pronged. One: to show the power that our Firestorm Protocols had. Two: to flush out the missing Protocol, which we knew was sent to that city. And three: to confirm if the missing Protocol had bonded with someone. I believe all three objectives were achieved.”

Fair enough.

The three monitors cut off at the same time, leaving Dusk Shine standing in the conference room, alone. The lilac skinned young man exited the room and stood in the hallway. Suddenly Dusk punched the wall to his left with his right fist. Violet flames engulfed it as his strike melted through the wall. His eyes flared up with the flames of the Firestorm Protocol within him. After venting his frustration, Dusk Shine regained his composure and retracted his fist from the wall.

Oh my.

Just then he was gripped in a violent coughing fit. Dusk Shine covered his mouth with his left hand as he held himself up with the right. After a few seconds the coughing fit passed. When he moved his hand away from his mouth he saw bloodstains on it.

That looks bad.

(Well this was fun, though I am a bit confused as to what Twilight this is, is she pony Twilight, is she an alternate not-Rainbow-Rocks-Stinger-Twilight, seriously, it's been bugging me since chapter one. In the meantime, this is ShadowLDrago, signing off.)

5806721 In RD's defense, she made a few valid points about Sunset. Having a tragic background doesn't automatically make everyone forget about how mean you were and start liking you. As "Rainbow Rocks" showed, people WILL hold a grudge against that kind of thing and you'll have to earn their trust. Plus if you really pay attention to how she was talking, you'd almost think RD was speaking from experience…

.“She did the only thing she could do, she kissed me.”
“Oh, a peck on the forehead kind of thing?”
Celestia giggled. “Nope, I mean on the lips.”
Silence reigned within the house for several tens of seconds, during which time Sunset’s right eye was twitching uncontrollably. She shook her head several times trying to wrap her mind around the fact that Celestia’s little sister, Luna, had actually kissed her.
“S-She was overzealous or something right? She meant it on the cheek, right?” Sunset asked, hoping she misunderstood.
“Not all, she pressed her lips against mine and held them there for several seconds. As I recall she was a little more aggressive than I would’ve liked, pushed me on my back and laid on top of me the whole time.”
“C-CELESTIA WHAT THE HELL?! You…I mean…the stories and rumors…I never believed them but now…! Oh my god I…!”
Celestia brought her right hand before Sunset’s face and flicked her gently on the forehead, catching the fiery haired girl by surprise. Sunset then noticed that infamous “troll face” of hers as Celestia’s lips curled back into a mischievous smile.

Oh celestia you huge tr-

Luna sighed. “Poor Twilight…and pray tell, what did you tell Sunset to help her?”
“Oh only that you made out with me, ripped my clothes off and made passionate love to me.”
Luna nearly crushed her coffee mug in her bare hand, the porcelain of the cup letting out some creaking sounds from the younger woman’s death grip. “YOU. DID. NOT! I didn’t even rip your clothes off! I just…don’t make me sound like some aggressive pervert! I…I can’t believe you even told her something like that!” Celestia had the “troll face” face again, making Luna deadpan for a second time. “You really do have a bad sense of humor, Sister.”
“Well, I’m partially lying. I did tell her you kissed me, but I played it off as a joke.”

... Damn I've been double trolled and it was glorious

But seriously this was a really heavy chapter I almost cried at some parts, keep up the excellent work

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