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An absurd individual who like ponies.

Best Pony: Twilight

Worst Pony: Svengallop

Best Princess: Celestia

Best Pet: Angel
I'll defy all of common sense!

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Non-Pony Stuff I Like

Heyah! Welcome to my humble home of sorts! I ship almost everything in sight, like cats, ponies, and hypogriffs, and jump from topic to topic like a squirrel on a sugar rush! Oh yeah, I also really like Pokemon (here's a list of my favorites).

That video. That video right there is probably going to sum up the majority of my stories!

More Random Stuff About Me:
I'm an avid story reader, my favorite color's red, and I'm the biggest health nut in the wold. Oh yeah I'm also this user's sister. Go check her out!

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if I sent u my spitfire x my oc story. coulfd u help me with my mistakes in my grammer spelling etc.

2215390 Yes, yes you did!

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