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Ever need an editor for a story of yours? But when you post a thread asking for help in one of those "need an Editor?" groups you seem to have to wait forever for someone to say sure. Well with this group you can find the perfect editor for you!

So you want to be an editor huh? Simply just post a thread in the forum with the following things

Story tags that you are good at editing
Can you do Mature stories?
Titles of stories you've previously worked on (make sure to include links)
Available or not

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Well look through the files we have and select the one you want.

Editor for chapter. Let me know if interest and the payment is COOKIES

387501 yeah, you don't have to be an editor to join.

392798 well look through the outstanding THREE editors we currently have on file!

I need an editor for my story, Spike's Journal 2. My current editor is busy with life


392792 It worked!!:raritystarry:

Uh... I mean..

Oh shit...



*Dials number on phone*


I need an editor for a changeling through equestria

Congratulations! This group proved itself to be fresh, earning its listing in New Groups.

387501 I'm pretty sure that you don't have to be an editor to join.

Wait people who don't want editors, but are looking for editors can join thsis group as well? Or is this just a little only editor team kind of thing? Sorry I sound so stupid right now, but this is a bit confusing,

There are plenty of editing groups already, but since I'm a member of pretty much all the others, I'll join this one as well.

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