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Ask a question you want a theory on in the Question thread. It must be related to mlp or the brony community in some way. Any one can join or comment, but only theories can be posted on the forum:twilightsmile:

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Headcannon: so we've had rainbow and pinkie go on a map adventure, and we've seen rarity and applejack go on a map adventure, does that mean that the next map episode will star twilight and fluttershy?

I think I figured out way Celestia and Luna's manes flow, but Twilight and Cadence's don't, maybe if you raise and lower the sun or moon enough times it makes your mane flow, this is supported by the fact that in Twilight's Kingdom, Twilight's mane started flowing when she raised the sun, this would also explain why Luna's mane didn't flow in Friendship is Magic Part 2, Luna hasn't raised or lowered the moon in a thousand years, of course it doesn't flow! Twilight and Cadence just need to raise/lower the sun or moon more often, then they'll earn their flowing manes, but hey that's just a theory, a pony theory! Thanks for reading :twilightsmile:

Headcannon: Maybe the plot to a Canterlot Wedding does make sense, maybe one day Queen Chrysalis and one of her changelings decided to visit Canterlot to learn more about ponies and when would be a good time to strike, then as they were sneaking around they saw some royal guards coming, so Chrysalis decided to transform into a pink alicorn she saw nearby but the changeling that was with her couldn't think of anypony to transform into soon enough, so when the guards saw them they saw cadence next to a weird black monster and figured it was a threat. While the guards arrested the changeling, Chrysalis used her magic to search for a place to hide the real Cadence, Chrysalis found the cave then used her magic to sink the real Cadence when no one was looking, the guards then escorted Chrysalis to the castle where she did some research on the cave and met some of the ponies the real cadence knew, she found out about the wedding and started to form a plan, her plan was that if she used her mind control spell on shining armor everyday, on the day of the wedding shining armor would be under her control making it so he couldn't recharge the shield making it so that if her army attacked the shield enough times it would shatter, she also planned to use the spell on her brides maids so she could use them to guard the exit to the cave to stop Cadence from blowing her cover, since the brides maids are younger then shining armor the spell would work on them sooner which is why the brides maids were under her spell before shining was. One night, Chrysalis disguised herself as a tourist pony so she could get out of Canterlot and explain her plan to her army, Chrysalis also decided to explain her plan to Cadence as an attempt to make her lose hope/ Chrysalis got bored and wanted to see Cadences reaction to her plan, that's how Cadence knew about changelings when nopony else did. The reason Chrysalis decided to get rid of Twilight was because Chrysalis knew that Twilight was onto her and wanted to be safe, then Chrysalis told Twilight her plan so that Twilight would really hate Cadence. The reason Chrysalis revealed herself was that she found it easier to stall for time by monologuing than trying to disprove Cadences claims. And the reason why Chrysalis thought that shining armor and cadence using love was a ridiculous sentiment was because Chrysalis feeds on other ponies love to give her strength and since ponies don't feed on love Chrysalis didn't see anyway ponies could use love to beat her. But hey, that's just a theory, a pony theory! thanks for reading. :twilightsmile:

395830 nice little theory you got there.:ajsmug:

Headcannon: The shadow from Bloom and Gloom is an evil magic that can be created in the ponies mind from worrying about something. The shadow tries to make the pony hate something until it wants to destroy it, the shadow tries to trick a pony into thinking that destroying something will make them happier and more loved, and once the pony has given into the shadow enough, it can transform them into an evil pony full of hate and dark magic. Luna was worried that no one loved her moon and that ponies didn't like her because of it, the shadow then made Luna jealous of Celestia and jealous of her sun, it then made her hate Celestia to the point of wanting to kill her. On the night Luna went to kill Celestia, the shadow transformed her into nightmare moon against her will. Because of AppleBloom's worry about cutiemarks, the shadow was slowly trying to make AppleBloom scared about her cutiemark and eventually make AppleBloom hate cutiemarks and want to destroy them. Luckily, Luna saw what AppleBlooms shadow was doing and came to stop it. But hey, that's just a theory, a pony theory! thanks for reading.

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