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Quizzical Greystone Meets Her Old Magic Tutor · 2:23am April 2nd

(this takes place in the future; eight, perhaps nine, oh let's just call it several seasons into the future. Spoilers may occur. Or maybe not. If concerned, consult a calendar then relax).

The banging of the door knocker at the entrance of the Castle of Friendship rang through the castle's front hall.

"I will get it," called Quizzical Greystone.

"Quiz, you're a guest, sit down and relax, one of us will take care of it," answered Twilight Sparkle.

"It is no trouble, Princess Twilight. I was already on my hooves."

"Quiz, that's for me, let me get the door!" cried Starlight Glimmer, as she came dashing down the stairs from her room. She was hoping to intercept the visitor she expected before the bombastic mare completely overwhelmed the shy little unicorn.

"I am already at the door, Miss Starlight," answered the teenager. Quiz opened the door, allowing the mare waiting on the front step to sweep inside with a flourish.

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*Rolls out of a pillow fort and hops up to Boop you*
*Then rolls back into it*

2414376 Thank you very much. I'll continue to write them (though I do think of other things to write now and then).

I have read all Quizzical stories and have really liked them.

I recommend reading Tides of the Past by King-mac-13(ironic naming coincidence) it's similar to the quizzical series in not having a 7th element but gaining a interesting background character, it is different in that it doesn't truly focus on the OC. However it is a interesting and introspecting vision. Though in my opinion yours has a much a sharper hook to it's audience that keeps them wanting more cute stone-faced files bumbling around writing her friendship journals.

  • Viewing 220 - 224 of 224
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