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Welcome to the group dedicated to the Twin Princesses!

Are you tired of the usurping uprisings of the Lunar Republic?
Are you weary of the extremist attitude of the Solar Empire?
Do you Celebrate the cooperative nature of Equestria's rulers?

If the answer to the last question is yes, then please, join us! You are welcome here!
1: Be nice, no bashing people just because they hold different loyalties, or opinions.
2: No NSFW, Clop, or Incest stories here. At all!
3: Place stories in the appropriate folders.
4: Stories put in here do not have to directly involve the princesses, or actively involve them. This is mostly just a group to show we celebrate the Diarchy.
5: Do make sure stories are in the appropriate folders.
6: Regular site rules Apply.

We are here to celebrate the unique traits and wisdom each Princess has to offer, even if we do have a personal favourite:

Celestia, the teacher:
She holds wisdom beyond words, and knows to step back when the Mortals can figure out things on their own. She never points out the path in black and white, for then, there would be no room for learning. Having faith in her subjects, and taking a stand when provoked: Celestia is as much a Queen, as she is Princess.

Luna, the tutor:
She prefers to interact with her subjects on a personal level, and shows the general choices they should make. Still leaving room to learn for themselves, and understanding the tempers of the younger generation: the Princess of the night is a wise mare indeed, and the bridge between the wise and the layman.

With a Warm Welcome to our Humble Gathering, I'm Amethyst_Dawn.

God Bless You, and Thank You for Joining!

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I have just one word on this group concept.



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