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A group for any and all stories that involve Changeling Wars. Ponies fighting changelings...griffons fighting changelings...changelings fighting changelings. IF CHANGELINGS ARE FIGHTING THEN IT IS WELCOME!!! Whether you want to read epic Changeling battles, get feedback on you own Changeling war, or just brainstorm topics this group is for you. We will discuss powers, strategies, tactics, OC's, etc.

Reviewing Stories:
Keep it clean... Don't crush someone's feelings. If you are going to criticize their work give a good reason why it pleases or displeases you. There will be NO mercy for bullies. If any are found they shall be obliterated by the darkest magic available.

Once our numbers have grown battles will begin. Every week or so a prompt will be given (Changelings vs ____ , Changeling OC vs _____). All group members will be able to participate in a calm level headed debate...hopefully. When the winner of the battle is chosen any group member is welcome to write a one chapter battle fic. Best fic will receive imaginary muffins. Real prizes may come along down the road...

The banner and profile pic are beautiful pieces done by AssasinMonkey on DA. Check out his stuff because it is glorious.

Also please be patient. The group is new and starting up. Expect folders/rules/etc to pop up soon. TBH as long as you treat others with respect and contribute you will be fine. Message the worthless pile of trash that is this group's admin for any concerns you may have...he will address you quickly as he lives in a box...with nothing but FIM FIC and waffles...

Admins: Night Spark

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Welcome Shadow of the Night, Dragor, and Tidal! Please post your stories in the appropriate folders so we can read them! I look forward to seeing some epic stuff!!!:derpytongue2:

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