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Welcome to : Project; Community! Where our motto is, "Keep everyone happy!" Which sounds incredibly clechè i know- but clechè is good!

As you know, Project Community is a group about helping others, in any way possible! However, it is also a group where we can have fun and where wr can encourage anyone to become a writer and "Unlease their imagination" :rainbowlaugh: which again sounds clechè but that is okay!


*Be nice

*Be Encouraging

*Keep posative!

*No Judging, Bullying or offending anyone is tolerated so please dont do that!

* Remember that we are a scociety of which is to HELP others and not make them feel bad.

*Please put stories in their correct folders! But you can put them in more than one if you want!

* And general Rules apply!

*Also- HAVE FUN!!! :pinkiehappy: :yay:

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409908 Hi! Welcome to Project;Community! Im sure you'll be making friends here and hearing lots of helpful reviews in no time!

Hi, I saw a link to your group and decided to jump on it. I'm having a bit of trouble making any actual headway here on FIMFiction so far... I suppose it's because I don't really talk a lot... So, I just came to say hi if anyone's interested, and if anyone is interested, I have actually finished a story here about some OCs of mine and Nightmare Moon, which I plan to expand to a larger series later on.

Sooo, yeah! Best of luck to the group and I hope to hear from you guys soon. ^.^;

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