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I will try to be a fun person, but will always act professionaly with my work. You will find me all over the internet, and I try to look at all the sides and act resonable on the internet.

My OC, Eclispe

Here is a bio for my OC:


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Pony Town Photo: http://imgur.com/a/VmaIo

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Stories: https://www.fimfiction.net/bookshelf/883805/stories-with-my-oc-in-them

Random Banter: Banter, near bottom.

(Rank or Title)Name: Eclipse
Nicknames: Clipsy, Clipse
Creator: Typervader
Favorite Beverage: Water or Carbonated drinks

Age: 16
Race: Pony, unicorn
Sex: Mare

(Subculture or Order)Culture/Religion: Nomad, Diest

Appearance: Shorter than average, dark green eyes, and has a black coat with a dark red mane with a dark purple strands in it. Her cutiemark is an eclipsed blood red moon, with the rest of the moon being a purple color with a black outline.
Attire: She almost always wears a cloak, and has a necklace with a star on it.
Magic Aura: Green


She has never felt emotion, and people hated her for that. She was left behind by her family, with only a smarty pants doll named Nightbeam and necklace with her. She grew up on the streets and became what she is now. She practices Necromancy as she found a book that had that kind of magic. She now just wonders the world, doing what she pleases.

INTP/Multiple Personality Disorder

Mysterious. She’s very sarcastic, and she has no emotions. She prefers to be alone, but can handle being around others. She is also quite intelligent and a master at manipulating people to get her way. She isn’t shy, but likes to be alone.

Strengths: She is well vested in street smarts and book smarts. She is also very logical and knows most things. She is also a master manipulator and thief. A criminal.
Weaknesses: She is crazy and is quite small compared to others. She also hears 3 different voices in her head, one of which is Nightbeam.

Quirks and Habits: She always talks to her doll, Nightbeam, thinking it talks back to her. She reacts to situations around her from a logical, non-emotional point. She uses her magic in ways she shouldn’t to get her way.

Strengths: Knows more than most ponies about how to survive and doing what it takes for herself.
Weaknesses: She does not know how to handle herself in a social standing, and listens to Nightbeam way more then she should.

Nightbeam: Despite being a doll, Nightbeam is actually possessed by a demon who has become friends with Eclipse. He isn’t evil, but it's the reason she hears many voices in her head. Nightbeam uses her to do whatever he wants. He is manipulative but doesn’t have good or bad intentions.

Voices in Eclipse’s head: Darklight, one of the males, Starglow, the female, and Shadow, the last male.
Dark is more the serious and trouble maker, Starglow is the one who likes to manipulate others, and Shadow is the reasonable one.

Green Tendrils: Up to 4 at a time. Main form of attack and can be used for defense.

Necromancy-Magic: Can be used for debuffs; A spell that destroys metal, a spell that slows them down, a poison spell, paralysis, a confusion spell. (Last 2 take alot of effort to use), fear spells, weakening spells, and a decay spell (Uses this only when she has to). She also uses them to distract opponents.

Attack: Magic beams and a powerful magic blast around her (This takes alot out of her)

If she has enough magic, she can raise the dead temporally, however, she has only done this once, and she can only maintain it for 5-10 minutes before he magic dies out all the way.

She can also use normal magic, like teleportation, levitation and using magic to search things.

The voices she hears can give her combat advice in battle, helping sway the tide. Nightbeam can also heal minor wounds done to her. They can also enhance her magic for a period of time, and can find an opponents weakness.
She hates weapons and doesn't carry them around, but isn't afraid to use them if she needs to.

Weakness: Shes only 16. Her magic is weak and only lasts for so long. She also hates weapons and armor, and can put her at a disadvantage. She is also very weak physically because she relies on her mind. All of her spells are never at full power, except the tendrils. She mastered that spell.

“You cross paths with us, you better hope you aren’t a threat. Move out of my way and leave us alone.” Eclipse to passers

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Hello everypony, I guess I should tell you about myself. I am actually a social outcast, thus why I use everything on the internet to express myself. I am a fan and lover of fiction and media, and tend to stray towards any of those. I love to try to be professional with everything I do, and I like to consider myself a person of logic, science, and even things that don't make sense. I am also only 18 and going to college some point in the future.

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I was thinking of trying my hand at the grimdark/creepypasta stories. What do you all think? Should i attempt at writing one of them?

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Come take a look at my new group! Its a W.I.P and I could use all your help improving it and making it better. Its called Fans of Anything and Everything, and its a small group built around just doing whatever for anything, as long as it isn't NSFW. Come help me out :twilightblush:

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If you know the walking dead telltale
make MLP TWD Telltale for me and the other. make sure twilight sparkle doesn't turn into a human. Just stay pony form
You can create I'm counting on you

Sorry, not sure about the acronym. Are you referring to Twilight's World?
If so, I have chapter 21 recorded. I'm currently editing it (that's the difficult part).

When you're gonna update MLP TWD

Thanks for adding The Elements in Harmony to your Read It Later folder (I've got one of those too). Hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful day.

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