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New Story Released into the Wild! · 2:46pm Last Monday

Greetings MetaVerse fans!

Fresh off holiday break we launched a chilly story to match the chilly weather most of us may be having!

It deals with the ancient windigos and the MetaVerse version of them.

A word of warning that the species took a more enlightened turn then in conventional canon. The pack like mentality seemed to fade over generations and gave way to a more isolationist republic in the sky!

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Daww *pets birb*

*paws at*

Just letting you know, Discords malfunctioning for me really badly. :fluttershysad: I'm still here if you wanna talk to me, just send me a PM here if you need to.


Somethin' motivational for ya :raritywink:

I'm always good at listening to an idea! Drop by discord sometime and we can chat n.n

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