NOTE: This group is currently under construction and is not yet completed. If you wish to assist in construction and building, please leave a note on my user page and I will mark you into a contributor and or administrator status.

Parallel universes are EVERYWHERE. And Shattered Rainbow Rock is one of those parallel universes. We've all got interesting ideas and takes on parallel universes and or alternate ways things could have happened in a story. Which is why THIS group exists!

I am the administrator, Four, and I'm here to say welcome!:twilightsmile:

I only have a few rules.

1. If you have a question or want to discuss stuff related to Shattered, please put that tag above before posting a thread. Like 'Shattered; Idea' just as an example. No need to tag anything else, but as this is a partial dedication to my work, I think you should put a tag there in case. That way if you need something, I'll make sure I see it.
2. If you've got any stories, keep it related to Alternate Universes.
3. Please be civil when talking to others. We've all got our opinions, but we must respect them. Okay? Okay.

4. Last one... have fun everyone!:twilightsmile:

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No problem! :twilightsmile:

And heck, if you've got any alternate universe stories, you should be able to just drop em right into that folder.

Thanks for the invite. This group looks pretty interesting.


I welcome you to the group, and to the 80s one as well. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the invite. Maybe you saw a comment I made or something, but I do love me some good AU stuff. (Blame Marvel comics, I actually haven't read any AU fics yet. ^_^;)

Are anthro pony traps gay? If so do you really care?

Thank you for inviting me!

Sidenote, I love your name.

Oh, my, a third group that I've been invited to! Thanks very much!


Well, its mostly just a group for any alternate universe talk.

Also, I wrote a fic that's gained a lot of popularity:twilightblush:

So um... what's the group about?

Thank you for the invite.

So no-one told me life was gonna be this way!

Thank you for the invite.

I'm glad to be here, thanks for invite.


I will fix it tomorrow

Thanks for the invite

Thanks for the invite! :twilightsmile:

I added the story to the wrong folder, and I am unsure how to fix that XD

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