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Give the game a chance · 2:21pm Dec 30th, 2021

Hey everyone, anyone here ever heard of Balan Wonderworld? There is a petition to give it another chance that I think we should take. Yes it could use an upgrade, but it can't get that if we don't give it a chance to. If you want to sign the petition, go here: Balan Wonderworld

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I got the next part of All That We Become up if you haven't seen it yet, since you were asking about it. 👍

Thanks for Favoriting Discord's Time Travel Trip! :pinkiehappy:

Eventually:pinkiehappy:, but most likely not in a long while:pinkiesad2:. But yes, eventually:pinkiesmile:

No problem. Hey, will Naja ever get that party that Pinkie promised her?

Ty for the faves:twilightsmile:

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