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A lovable goofball who delights in spreading positive vibes and writing stories. =3 (AKA Orangie1984 of Derpibooru!)

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Who Am I?

I am the terror that flaps in the night! No...
I am Iron Man! No...
I am... screw it.

I'm CapNTilfy, welcome to my page! I get a kick out of writing, otherwise I wouldn't be here!

If you like:
Slice of Life
PORN Yeah, I bet that got your attention. Perverts.
Smutty stories involving pregnancy**
An occasional punch to the feels
And other things I'm likely too damn lazy to mention***

Then you've come to the right place! C'mon in and sit a spell!

*From someone who ships near-indiscriminately
**You read that right, I want y'all to know what you're getting into!
***Just being honest. XP


Boosting a Signal! · 3:11am November 19th

Hey guys, just a quick ol' heads up. Super shiny author Shallow15 needs your help, as he's in a bit of a monetary pickle.

As of now, he's over halfway there to his goal, so if you could find it in your wallets to help him out, that'd be great!

CLICK MEH if you want to help!

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Pregnant Paradise is mostly cover art based. Meaning that as long as there's hot pregnancy art of a character, I'll write a story about her.

That being said, which woman do you have in mind? (Please note that I only do human/EG, not anthro or pony)

Do you take requests for your pregnancy series?

You're welcome. :raritywink:

  • Viewing 83 - 87 of 87
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