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It was ALWAYS about the parakeet.

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Magic Number Meaning · 9:26pm November 30th

So yesterday, I posted a "magic number". No context, just out of the blue. I think one day of not knowing is torture enough. =P I have to admit I get a little kick out of pulling stuff like this, being kinda-sorta cryptic. Anyway, the magic number was twenty-four.

24 is a magic number because...

That's how many books are left in "Not Just Any Old Continuity" before I get to "Not Just Any Old Week."

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Thank you! :twilightsmile: You have a good day yourself! :pinkiehappy:

Welcome, and things seem quite interesting in your little verses. Will be looking them over. Have a good day!

take look at the town to it like a mini twin towers

And her cutie mark when she was first introduced was after they fell over:rainbowlaugh:

did know If you flip up starlight glimmers evil cutie mark it makes the twin towers

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