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A lovable goofball who delights in spreading positive vibes and writing stories. =3 (AKA Orangie1984 of Derpibooru!)

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Who Am I?

I am the terror that flaps in the night! No...
I am Iron Man! No...
I am... screw it.

I'm CapNTilfy, welcome to my page! I get a kick out of writing, otherwise I wouldn't be here!

If you like:
Slice of Life
PORN Yeah, I bet that got your attention. Perverts.
Smutty stories involving pregnancy and/or BBWs**
An occasional punch to the feels
And other things I'm likely too damn lazy to mention***

Then you've come to the right place! C'mon in and sit a spell!

*From someone who ships near-indiscriminately
**You read that right, I want y'all to know what you're getting into!
***Just being honest. XP


Check This Out! · 9:48pm Last Wednesday

Erotic Encounters

Volume XIII

Marble Pie: Only Just Begun

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Hello. I love your storys.

You're making this worse!!!!

GOD if I could only PAINT the things that play out on the stage in my mind!!!!!!!!!!

I imagine the images would be a combination of Dali, Beksinksi, Francis Bacon and ... some kind of montage of every single death metal album cover ever invented.

... only it now has a naked clown standing on it with a crossbow.

... oh ... and Reeces Pieces ... thank you, world.

:rainbowlaugh: I'll see what I can come up with, but I won't write about feral sex. It's not my thing. Human or anthro only.

After reading your userpage info there, my mind took it upon itself to run through half-a-dozen stories along those lines anyway! In different orders, too. A poignant story that starts with feels, and ends with a pregnant mare and eight stallions sitting around a coffee table!

I think I can safely tell you that my imagination, the theater in my mind, and the rest of my frontal lobe ... don't get along very well.

Because I think romance, or clop, or feels, or anything else ... and suddenly a truck carrying a trailer containing a naked clown with a crossbow drives past my apartment ... It's ALL HAPPENING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Huh. I actually haven't thought about that before. A pregnant smut story with the feels, huh? I think I can cook something up, but you'll have to be patient.

  • Viewing 111 - 115 of 115
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