Let's Talk About This Timeline Skewing Nonsense · 5:16am 14 hours ago

Okay, so this was just brought to my attention from EQG director Ishi Rudell's Twitter feed.

And the comments on said image have everybody flipping out over two things: Starlight's appearance in the opening number of the MLP movie and the redesign of the throne room in the movie that was made part of the Season 8 backgrounds. How does this affect my personal timeline?

Answer: It doesn't.

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Is that an SCP in your computer screen?

I refer you to my blog post "Delays, Delays."

How are either Consequences or the next part of A Is For... coming along?

Keep up the good work. I find your stories very interesting. You’ve earned youself a handful of like from me, and even a favorite thanks to your work on Repercussions. 9/10, would read again.

Thank you for adding Full Circle to your favorites! I appreciate it.

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