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Let's Talk Fandom Crap That Probably Only Irritates Me (Part 2) · 7:37pm Last Thursday

Getting back on the rant pony for a bit.

One of the criticisms I see lobbied frequently at Equestria Girls is that there's too many "slice of life" episodes.

As opposed to what in FiM? Just about 80% of the given episodes could be a "slice of life" stories. Yes, even ones where a character is called by the map. The big climactic events are the outliers, not the norm. Seriously, how many "big" events have we had over the course of the series?

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Keep up the good work. I find your stories very interesting. You’ve earned youself a handful of like from me, and even a favorite thanks to your work on Repercussions. 9/10, would read again.

Thank you for adding Full Circle to your favorites! I appreciate it.

I like your alternative story titles!

thanks for the fave!

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