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Flash Sentry has come home from college to celebrate his birthday. Sunset Shimmer and Rarity have something special planned for him. Something which involves one of his deepest secrets and most heartfelt wishes.

The question is will he accept it?

If you haven't figured it out yet, this story features non-sexual crossdressing.

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Very wholesome thus far. And realistic, as fics like this go. I can feel for Flash. I look forward to where you take this~

Rarity is such an enabler—the best kind of enabler. From the first sentence this popped nicely with the glimpses inside Flash's head consistent and interesting. Love the descriptions of feel and sight. Top effort, and I'd like to see more.

Another knock at the door.

Flash has more patience than me, I know I'd get wound up pretty quickly if people kept knocking on the door while I'm changing. ^^

This is so cute! Flash's reactions all ring very true for me - the paranoia about things not looking or fitting quite right, the self-rationalization and finding excuses not to do something you really want... I feel like I definitely know where he's coming from. Lucky he has the Element of Fabulosity on speed-dial :)

I truly appreciate how straight-forward, realistic and calm this is. No strings attached. And the girls are girly without being grating or stereotypical.

This is also a supremely educational chapter~

Seeing the image cover, I first thought Flash is going to become Equestria Girl's Gwen 10. But it appeared that was not the case.

Just gonna quote your own writing back at you.


I like this story and hope to see more of it.

You're killing me with the suspense here!

Also, this is remarkably informative. So much more so than stories that just go "and then [character] applied lipstick, mascara and some blush and pulled on their wig". From this point on when I come across one of those scenes its going to remind me of this story.

I really hope there's a picture to cap us off at the end. But then again, it'd be hard for an artist to do the scene justice.

I like how Rarity and Sunset aren't being pushy (Not that I think they'd be anyway), and they both want Flash to be comfortable, as this seems to be very personal for him.

I'm intrigued.

She grabbed another small palette, this one with a grid of sixteen squares with eyeshadow in a variety of skin tones

Which, in this world, just meant different colors. :raritywink:

I felt that way when I first came through the portal. Everything was wrong, but it felt right too. Like it was some part of me that had been hidden had just been revealed.

I do like the idea of Sunset having species dysphoria. There are definitely other reasons why she feels the need to stay in that world, but being in a more comfortable body probably helps. Now if she could just graft on a unicorn horn...

Excellent depth of detail. And I'm loving Flash's emotional roller coaster as he goes through this. Looking forward to seeing what he thinks of the finished product.

Is this being written from a place of personal experience?

That was such a beautiful moment between the three of them!

Shit, this almost makes me want to feel pretty!

This story gives me strange feelings. I love it.

Can't wait to see what Flash sees.

I think this fic was sorely needing the emotional interlude that we got in this chapter. Not to demerit the story or nothing; I was hoping for an emotional catharsis at some point, and I suspect the other readers did too. As much as I appreciate a melancholic and subdued Flash Sentry, it would be a bit *grating* for him to maintain an Eeyore personality for the entirety of a girly dress-up experience. So, I think what you did here is a good "intermission" as t'were, and it's very nicely and wholesomely done between all characters involved. I especially like the believable closeness you have between Flash and Sunset Shimmer. Rarity's involved because she's generous as fuq, but Sunset and Flash have a connection that seems pretty much timeless. I like that you're dabbling in all three of them *without* any SHIPPING strings attached.

Who knew that a *sober* crossdressing fic would make for the most sincere form of femme expression?

Also panties.

I didn't expect to like reading this but I ending up really liking it. I'm glad I chose to read it

Good bookends to this fic. And a satisfying conclusion all around, without being ridiculous or hokey.

This was a really touching story. Happiness all around!

That was adorable.

I'm sorry to see the story over :fluttercry: I'd quite like to see more of Flash's adventures. But this was a lovely story, thank you for it.

Lovely stuff from start to finish, sincere and heartwarming and just plain positive. Everything that makes pony great in one convenient package. Thank you for it.

Wow, that was wonderfully written and hit close to home for me. As a guy who would like to crossdress but is afraid to crossdress because of both the fear of ridicule/harassment and being afraid I wouldn't look pretty if I did this story made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Sunset and Rarity were both very supportive and understanding without being pushy.
Thank you for the story kind author.

Amazing! Love it!

Gorgeous little story. Nicely wrapped up.

Also, pockets—real, functional pockets—in women's clothing? This is almost heretical! /s

If only we all could have such supportive friends and family.

A marvelous work all the way through.

Speaking as a male individual who owns and occasionally wears one of a dozen different pairs of panties, I can confirm quite readily that they are, in fact, far more comfortable than boxers or standard cotton briefs. And I've also wondered what it would be like to take it farther like Flash is doing. Curiosity is something interesting...

This story is fantastic! I hope one day I can look as pretty as Flash!

Loving the detail you put into this. Gives me ideas. I also absolutely love the character interaction. The bond between these three is beautiful.

This story was awesome, I'm glad I stumbled across it.

The darling jar eats well this day

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