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While re-shelving books at the library, Twilight discovers a journal she gave to Spike years ago contains stories about the great dragon hero Captain Invincible, who fights for Truth, Justice, and the Equestrian Way, defending the city of Ponytopolis from the diabolical Dr. Spectra and other assorted dangers.

There's just two problems: Spike clearly wanted the stories to be kept private, and Twilight just can't stop reading them.

Featured on Equestria Daily on 3/4/2013

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So is Twilight going to read it again or are the others going to run into it?

You silly twisted boy you.

(Alex never calls my stuff amazing. Alex, you're nothing but a flirt! I...I thought we h-had something...*SOB*)

Imagine Rarity reading it and spike catches her.:flutterrage:

Okay, this had me cracking up the whole time. Are there going to be moar chapters? :3 if so.....*tracks*

I like The Subtle Connections between the characters you made
Buttermint is obviously Fluttershy
Hot Scoop Is Rarity
And Dr Spectra Is Rainbow Dash
It makes It feel a bit like the Hearth Warming Eve Episode

where's twilight? i thnk she should have a character in it!!! :twilightsmile: really good!! more chaptars plz!!! :scootangel:

So...we got
Sheriff Banana Bread = Applejack
Deputy Sugar Cube = Pinkie Pie?
The Urchins (Banana Split, Joybuzzer, and Sour Note) = Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle Respectively
The Schoolmarm = Cheerilee

After THIS faithful chapter...I am positive Twilight is going to become the next bad guy for Captain Invincible to take on, dood.
(I posted names cause I saw someone else do that and I wanted to be cool and look like I has a brain too, dood:fluttercry:)

Captain Invincible = Spike: He needs some partners of swag like his pet Phoenix, Pee Wee and that Manticore from S1.

Bet you it's one of the mane six.

1924119Aww you beat me to it but you got it right so you sir are indeed smart

This is pretty fun. Even though Spike is my favorite character, his stories in here are painful to read and I can't believe Twilight is enjoying them. What I DO like is everything that happens outside Spike's journal, especially now that Spike has caught her reading them. I can't wait to see what role he gave to Twilight in his stories.


Even though Spike is my favorite character, his stories in here are painful to read and I can't believe Twilight is enjoying them.

I'm...honestly not certain how to feel about that statement. :rainbowhuh:

But I'm glad you're enjoying everything else.

1946194 Don't feel like I'm criticizing you too harshly. I also read some of Lester Dent's classic Doc Savage pulp fiction and found those to be pretty awful, too. Spike's adventures are a story-within-a-fanfic!

Oh my, dood.

If this story wasn't fun to read before, Lyra and Bonbon's part in this definitely made me laugh.

And this mysterious voice...Twilight, Trixie, or Nightmare Moon, dood. That is all.

"Hide yo whelps, Hide you Drakes! Derpy is hunting all the winged lizards out here!:rainbowwild:

I feel the same way about this story as Twiley feels about Spike's. xD

Hahahah yes. This is highly enjoyable.

I knew Spike reminded me of Captain Marvel (DC type). This just makes it better.


Captain Marvel??

I am seeing straight up Superman almost to the letter, along with a bit of Batman....here's what I've got from it..

Spike = Spike Fireborne = Captain Invincible (Clark Kent)
Rarity = Hot Scoop (Lois Lane)
Twilight = Dr. Spectra (i'm guessing maybe Lex Luthor, I dunno)
Applejack = Sherriff Banana Bread (Commissioner Gordon)
Pinkie = Deputy Sugarcube
Cheerilee = the SchoolMarn (kinda obvious :twilightsheepish:)
and I'm willing to bet that the employer of the Schoomarn is either Nightmare Moon or Princess Luna.....

Can't wait to see more of what happens!!! Who knows, might actually have a bit of foreshadowing where somepony actually invades ponyville IRL and then Spike has to use his journal to practice!


Actually, Captain Invincible is kind of a blend between Superman, Captain Marvel, and Captain America. (Capt. Invincible pretty much just has super strength and enhanced speed. Along with the usual fire breath, which I haven't yet found a way to work into the story. He still can't fly however.)

So, you're both right!

Why Captain Marvel? Well let's see.

Young childlike form into tall, square-jawed powerful form. Transforming between the two with a flash of light by using magic and a shouted phrase, "For the glory of Midnight Sun" versus... SHAZAM!.

Certainly there's elements of the Big Blue Boy Scout what with his love interest in a reporter, but the transformation sequence is 100% Big Red Cheese. :pinkiehappy:

Indeed. : D

And thank you for doing that; seems like everyone forgets about Captain Marvel. :pinkiesad2:


Unfortunately, I'm not intimately familiar with Shazam or that version of Captain America. I've always been a Superman/Batman/Green Lantern type, but based on what that video showed, I'm definitely gonna watch this!!! Thanks for the tip!!! :raritywink:

i would love if spike was planing this all along just to teach twilight a lesson in privacy

Judging from chapter 4, the mysterious mastermind is indeed Trixie.

Oh,man. That ending is brutal!
Great story.

This continues to be very engaging. : D

Troll Author option: end it here. :pinkiecrazy:






Story's not done yet. Stay tuned. Same Invinci-time! Same Invinci-website!:pinkiehappy:

Is it a Pegasus? Is it a chariot? No, it's the fanfic's Author himself!

Srsly, the story is absolutely great. You've managed to fit the comic-book style stories into MLP universe (and fan-verse) very well. Can't wait to read more. :moustache:

Cherri- er, Schoolmarm, You magnificent bitch! :flutterrage:

I'm dying laughing reading this. It's great! :heart:

Marvel and DC need to start producing comics like this again.

And now I know what My Little Pony would look like if it was being written by Kurt Busiek. :raritywink:

And the Urchins? :unsuresweetie::scootangel::applecry::pinkiehappy:

After the last chapter I started pondering which ponies would turn up in what roles.

I totally called AJ as a lawmare.:ajsmug:

On the other hand Cheerilee and the CMC caught me completely off guard.:pinkiegasp:


i read it all? why did the new chapters dissapear!!:raritycry:

Okay, start with the hilarious overblown superhero parody that meshes into Spike's own fantasies so nicely, and then spin it out into a deeper story... Nicely done!

The framing mechanism isn't too shabby either!

And now Twilight just has to convince Spike to finish it off...!

I don't care if the employer that The Schoolmarm was talking to was a mare, I still read her lines in the voice of Dr. Claw.

There is no choice but for me to favourite.

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