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This story is a sequel to Borrowed Time

A dangerous magical artifact has been found and is about to be put on display at the Canterlot City Museum. Fortunately, Sunset Shimmer and her friends have a plan to stop it.

Unfortunately, that plan is not, by any definition, legal.

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I wouldn't mind a sequel. Perhaps, instead of being thieves, they could be a sort of 'Anti-Magic' SWAT team?

Just an idea which occurred to me today. Anyone want to see more?

Well, I can't speak for anyone else here, but I know that I certainly do.




Way ok for something more :)
Keep going.

Remind me of the Cooper Gang!

I would most definitely like to see more of this heist verse. I can’t wait to see it fleshed out more especially with all the little tantalizing clues you left us.

Yes, more of "Smash & Grab" please?!

Heck yeah! It's a great introduction to the setup. Next time more plotting reconnaissance and Murphy hitting the fan :)

I definitely would like to see more of this . A fun idea for sure and it definitely piqued my interest.

YES PLEASE! Is this its own universe or is it connected to your timeline?

Right now, it's on its own, but it's set far enough in the future that I could connect it later if I wanted.

From what I gathered, this takes place a few years after the girls graduate from Canterlot High; they’re now adults, early to mid-twenties. Something has happened in Equestria that has caused the portal to permanently close, not even opening again on its own every 30 moons, and even the journal is no longer working; the last message from Princess Twilight was a task for Sunset and her friends to find a list of potentially dangerous, magical artifacts that had been banished there for however many centuries. Most of these artifacts have fallen into the hands of the rich and powerful, and it is up to the girls to find, and steal them and destroy the dark magic within.


To answer your question: Yes, I would very much like to see more! Much, much more!

So many of my own questions have popped up while reading this: When did the portal and journal stop working? What happened in Equestria that would cause this? Who all have the artifacts? Will the girls run into trouble while trying to steal the artifacts? The list goes on.

Point is: this has potential. I would like to see this expanded upon if you’re up to it. I’m behind you 100%!

Great story, shallow! Hope to see more!

This was very interesting. I like seeing how twilight views all of this.

This takes place farther into the future than I had anticipated. I figured they would be in the middle of college years, but college has come and gone, apparently.

According to Twilight, they’ve run into the Dazzlings again, at least a few times, and it sounds like that while they are not straight up enemies to the girls anymore, they aren’t exactly besties either.

Ah, so the reason they use firearms instead of their geodes is because the powers have slowly diminished over time. I figured that they didn’t want to expose their own magic, at the risk that someone would be able to eventually discover their identities.

It seems each of the girls bring something unique to the group that make them an efficient team in their endeavors.

Glad to see you’re expanding on this idea.

I would love to see more of this as well, Like make a multi chapter fic trying to get one of these artifacts. With the discovery, planning, and execution. Maybe it could even be the first time they realized that they would have to break the law to get one of these artifacts.

While not as fantasy tech or (to Rarity's chagrin) flashy as the Phantom Thieves, I still feel this song is appropriate for the action in the first chapter:

As for more: YES PLEASE. There are Twenty-Seven artifacts, yes? That means there's Twenty-Six possible stories remaining, each with their own intrigue to show. I'd love to see this continue.

I'm watching you, and I haven't even read Repercussions yet. Congrats, you've gotten me hooked. :raritywink:

I look forward to this continuing (if you choose to do so, of course)

As I've documented elsewhere, when we all met in high school, magic from the other dimensional land of Equestrian had leaked through to our world, causing a variety of issues and problems.


Several of her aesthetic choices have helps turn some of my more obvious designs into something much more subtle and innocuous.


Definitely want to see more of this!

Wow, go A-Team! Or would it be E-Team?-LOL. Love this and hope for more!

Yes please. I would also love to see the conversation sunset has with her friends about her upcoming death

Before I fully commit to this series, I want to get "Consequences" finished first. Don't worry. More is in the works.

I have this shelved and waiting for when those updates come. 👀

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