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Celestia and Luna's royal bard. Nature is my God, Art is my religion, Love is the Law.


You may think she is a traitor, a thief, a villain, a bully or a hero. Because that's exactly what she wants you to think. Sunset Shimmer is Celestia's most faithful servant. (Conceptualized before and ignores events of the third movie.)

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wow, i quite like it. to bad you aren't doing more, this opens up a whole new road of possibilities. great work my friend!

Simple and effective, does its job very well. Also a good explanation how Sunset knew about Twilight and her crown.

unexpected but it is a good possibility. You neatly explained much of what we know from canon since we don't really get anypony else's thoughts on Sunset in Equestria except for the Princess. Well done.

Well this explains a lot of things. And meshes neatly with canon. I wonder what everyone's reactions would be to finding out about it now?

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