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After finding out that her parents lied to her Twilight runs away from home and ends up at Celestia's door. Meanwhile, a lonely Celestia is longing for family.

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Real touching oneshot. At first I was worried about the conflict, but it was nice to see how it was more of a front to other worries and just seeing everyone's interaction was nice. Glad I wasn't drinking anything when Celestia almost called Twilight a brat, caught me off guard. The ideas for Celestia's family history sounded very interesting and I wouldn't mind seeing something that expanded on that.

Over all, very enjoyable read

Cool, heart touching little story. :twilightsmile:

...To be honest, from the vague description, I was worried that this was going to be another one of those "Twilight was actually adopted and Celestia is her real mother" stories. I'm happy to see that it was not, though I did like that young Twilight was beginning to fear that that MIGHT be the case.

Aww.... that last bit, loved it.

I have to admit I laughed when the (initial) source of conflict came to light; I was expecting something grimmer I guess. I suppose I was relieved. :twilightsheepish:

Was especially touching to have Twi's family treat Celestia as one of their own. :heart:

I love how soft the descriptions of Celestia's thoughts are, its not beating people over the head and there's enough there to understand.

6412063 Even if they're normally polite and no matter how much you love them... kids can shitty little snots sometimes, even the sweet ones.

hokld the fuckin phone

"She doesn't want to go home and I'm afraid if we force her she'll run away again. You may have noticed Twilight can be a br-er, has an indomitable spirit."

was celestia going to call twilight a brat i cant think of another word that fits there starting with br


Well, same can be said for adults

Great story! Though I do wish to point out one small thing that really had no consequence to anyone that does not know a lot about horses.

When I'm sick she makes me tomato soup.

Tomatoes are poisonous to horses. Sorry if I sound condescending or anything. I really don't mean to. :twilightsheepish:

6936190 I have a very long and boring headcanon that Equestrian horses are genetically different from our horses. Thanks for the review.

Daw... filly Twilitght is so cute


a mlp fanfic reader named enharmonic have uploaded This fanfic now to youtube

Thanks for letting me know. That's great.

Author Interviewer

And so, Twilight learned the most important lesson of all: Santa is real, he's just dead. XD

I love everything about this. :D

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