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Stories of Twilight getting up to mischief as a filly.

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I came across a story similar to this.

Tiny Twilight Tales I think it was called

Aside from a few awkward sentence structures and a few grammar errors, this was a relatively cute story. :pinkiesmile:

Comment posted by RoyalBardofCanterlot deleted Nov 13th, 2015

Nice story. I have two minor problems, though:

"Why don't I show you how to break an egg?"

Why would ponies even have eggs? It's not like they can eat them. After all, ponies are herbivores. Edit: I stand corrected: horses can eat meat. That doesn't mean they do all that often (I'm only assuming it's rare), but they still could.

"Now why I make the eggs why don't you wake up your brother and tell him breakfast is almost ready?"

I think you meant to say while, not why.

On the plus side, the cuteness is definitely there. He cuteness, man!:heart:

6628961 Horses aren't pure herbivores. They can and will eat meat. I will correct the spelling error. Thanks for the review.

That's when Spike was roused from her slumber


6628961 Actually, there are tons of documented cases of horses eating meat--as in, killing a small animal and eating it. One horse was famous for being a man-eater.

Deer have also been known to eat small animals.

She wrapped her arms around him and they walked from the room.

DId you mean to say forelegs, or is this an anthro story?

The cuteness levels are over 90000000000000!!!!

Congrats on getting featured mate! You also get fave and like!:twilightsmile:


Not to mention I think we've also seen Rarity prepare eggs for breakfast once.

Aaww, they are so cute together.

He had a sudden image of Twilight standing in the smoldering ruins of Canterlot, her eye twitching with madness.

Don't worry, Shining. Twilight would go crazy with twitching eyes for attention. She'd only do it after her fear of letting down Celestia causes her to crack under the pressure.:pinkiecrazy:

If that's how she reacts to disappointing her mentor, I can only imagine how bad things will get during the inevitable quesadilla uprising. Beware the extra cheese! Cheese everywhere!

It was very adorable story.:twilightsmile:

Shining stopped. He didn't like the idea of his sister thinking that the best way of getting attention was by misbehaving. That seemed like the kind of thinking that would be problematic later on. He had a sudden image of Twilight standing in the smoldering ruins of Canterlot, her eye twitching with madness.
"Now will you play with me, BBBFF?! NOW WILL YOU PLAY WITH ME?!" Vision Twilight demanded. Shining shook his head.

Scariest part, that is probably very Canon compatible... :pinkiecrazy:

Nice, very nice. I like how you tied into how Twilight acts in the show with the bit about Twilight realizing she was influenced by that thunderstorm. I can't wait to see more of filly Twilight's adventures.

Whoop whoop! All aboard the feels train!

Thank you this is how spanking scenes if necessary should be done, no crying no absurd amount of spankings and a hug at the end

There are tons of evidence in show that ponies eat eggs. Look at what Pinkie does as a job.

7401756 bakeing dosnt actualy need eggs.
cookies for example, can have the egg suplimented with a bit more water easly. no real texture or flaver diffrence either. as long as the egg-to-water ratio is spot on, anyway.

Where's the HNNNG! emoticon when you need it?

6629045 Meh. Plenty of fanfic writers refer to their forelegs as arms.

placing both hands on the jar and nearly turning over in order to peer inside

Sorry, author, wrong terminology.

With a tug of his magic, Night Light took his wife across his knees and landed two firm spanks across her backside. "Sorry Darling," he gently, lovingly rubbed where he had smacked. "It's your rule."


"Absolutely. Should I just slip an inhibitor on her horn?"
Velvet bit her lip and for a minute looked like she was seriously considering it. "Nah. Just watch her."


"Not that good at evocation."
It alarmed Shining that that was her only objection to that. Then he saw her grin and realized she was joking. He tousled her mane eliciting a giggle.


With a tug of his magic, Night Light took his wife across his knees and landed two firm spanks across her backside. "Sorry Darling," he gently, lovingly rubbed where he had smacked. "It's your rule."

That's Night Light's story, and he's sticking to it.:trollestia:This totally isn't payback for making him eat broccoli. Nope, not payback at all.

Damn, real smooth, Night Light. Maybe if you ask nicely she'll return the favour:raritywink:

I'm so glad I found out about this series. Just what I needed to lift my spirits!

Now he reminds me of this old S.O.B. back in my old elementary school who had about as much positivity as a shark looking for prey, Tomko was his name and I honestly wish I could get my foot up his ass.

Only problem I have is Spike getting lessons from an old dragon invalidates him knowing nothing about dragons (and so little being known about dragons by ponies in general) in "Dragon Quest".

7635047 Wow, I thought I'd made the Unicorn Mountains up. Had no idea it was canon. Anyway, let's pretend there's an eastern range.

i think i just died to the cuteness.

The beginning made me laugh. :rainbowlaugh: I mean, between the cakeless birthday party and Night Light being a klutz, it was just too funny.

Mother Epona?

.... she got a B and thought she should be ashamed? arrogance and complacency abound... the history teacher was right, what make sher so special that the only grade she can possibly get is a variant of A?

no wonder lesson zero happens. her father just encouraged it.

This is so sweet and adorable. Thank you for this chapter. Seeing Cadance and Twilight interact, Twilight utterly floor Cadance with her knowledge, and then us being reminded that twilight is just a filly from her shock and tears at getting a magic surge from wanting to follow a ladybug

This was really fantastic. Cadance and Twilight were just perfect ^^

She looked like a regular pony that just happened to have both horns and a wing.

Surely you meant wings and a horn, right?

7726835 No need to thank me, just doing my job.

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