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Celestia and Luna's royal bard. Nature is my God, Art is my religion, Love is the Law. Concordia Invictus


One late night as Celestia and Twilight study together, Twilight discovers Celestia is ticklish. Will she use this knowledge for good or evil?
Evil. Definitely evil.

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It's cute. Adorable really, but....

a copy of Oh Cee Dee's Guide To Organizing/i]

You might want to close that italics there. :pinkiehappy:

6593060 Grr. MFing italics, always screwing with me. Thanks for the review.:twilightsmile:

There's a minor formatting error toward the end. The book title is missing an italics bracket, making the rest of the story italicized as well.

Other than that, cute story! :twilightsmile:

This was soooo cute! I love this so much! :raritystarry::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

This time, a real giggle escaped the Sun Princess's lips. Twilight's eyes widened. There was no doubt about it! Celestia was ticklish!

:twilightsheepish:: "Is it possible to tickle somepony to death?"

:trollestia:: "I don't know. Why..."

:twilightsmile:: "There is only one way to find out. (For sience, of course.)"

A nice, cute story!
(Also the chapter-title!)

One small note: You forgot to add the cover-source.

There should be a "cute" tag, really.

This is now one of my favorite stories <3

Happened to see story with my art for cover (always takes me by surprise) and popped in for a read. Cute. :twilightsmile:

Thanks! Might I just say you are a very talented artist?

Wait Moohammhad is a Muhammad expo so what’s this world version of Islam look like

The Saddle Arabians are Monotheistic sun worshipers.

So they worship Celestia? Plus, did they achieve major military expansion before stopping.

They were halted at the Battle of Coltstantinople-the great city was unfortunately lost.

(They worship the sun itself, but cheerfully went to war with the Sun Princess and Equestria.)

Hahaha! Also, the crescent moon is an important symbol In Islam so they also went to war with the sister of Moon Princess

If you want to know more about Saddle Arabian culture, you can check out Seasons of the Heart.

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