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Twilight is doing an experiment, Spike is doing his chores. Everything is perfectly normal and completely fine in the Golden Oak Library...until Chrysalis drops in for a 'visit'.
Art by Conicer. (This was written with no clue that the picture was made for a different story.)

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...oh, poor Spike.

short but hilarious.

Yup, just a normal day for Spike. (Sadly. Poor Spike)

But I still don't get the ending.

A few suggestions:
- Make Spike's thoughts italic
- Add a few more paragraphs (empty lines between your walls of text)
- Use <hr> istead of *** (Just like me above this suggestions. In my oppinion it looks better. But that's a matter of taste)
- Add the cover-source (best in the picture itself, too)
- Name the book "Encyclopedia of Rocks and Minerals" (also italic)

:raritywink:Spikey you look as you haven't slept for days! What's wrong?
:moustache: I'll just be in Opals basket if you need me. . .Good night:raritystarry:

6853410 I know right :derpytongue2:
6853431 Cool :pinkiehappy: Didn't know that's what it was from.
6853716 I thought so.
6853951 I'll recommend that to her. As for the ending, I think he had thought it was a dream until Twilight said that.
6854903 It is? I had no clue.
6855093 Umm... Why starry-eyed Rarity? Just wondering...
-- Golden Oak.

this was very amusing. I like how you had it from Spike's POV and had him kept fainting so that there were just small bits of what was happing shown. It made for a very funny story and a good read.

Very amusing. Nice, short cute.

Call me weird but the only thing I thought of when I saw the cover picture was this:


This was funny.

Snrk, poor Spike.


It's a good thing Chrysalis didn't give Twilight time to think. If she was given a moment to stop panicking, she'd figure out "hey, I could really take advantage of this situation".

Overpower the weakened Chrysalis and contact Celestia to imprison her. Use the Changeling Queen's connection to the hive to take over, or simply direct them away from Equestria. Singlehoofedly undo whatever infiltration Chrysalis had managed to achieve up to that point. Establish herself as new queen of the Changelings. Study the biology and magic of Changelings and Changeling Queens. And when she's done all that, transform herself and Chrysalis back to normal... after creating a perfectly anti-Changeling Queen prison and setting up the hive under a new queen.

6920155 I feel like you and I could get along. That was a beautiful plan. :raritystarry:

Thank you. I do get good ideas from time to time.

6979576 Your welcome! No need to be so humble, it was absolutely brilliant.

6920155 But that wouldn't have been nearly so funny, now would it have?

And then Twilight started to cracked from the pressure of having to maintain her duties as a Princess, as a Queen, and as a Friend, and started mixing up how she behaved between her subjects/hive/friends, eventually having changelings stand guard around the palace while the Guard starts loitering around weddings, and her friends get very confused.

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