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one day, I will write it..... the story about a red and black alicorn. And I will laugh. And laugh. And laugh!

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procrastination · 11:55pm Jul 2nd, 2017

It's my game. Or rather never finishing? Well...most of the things I've worked on are finished, but since I write in long-hand first then type...yeah. That second stage. That said, I just need to do some wrapping up for a new story inspired by Sumac's musings in Twilight Sparkle's School for Fantastic Foals by Kudzuhaiku. It's not a nice story. I lovingly created these characters for the sole purpose of evil. I do that a lot.

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Thank you for adding The Legend Of Nicholas to your favorites! :eeyup:

Yea, too many new characters are being pulled in, and it cuts to many times to others and not how the girls are doing in class and funny things happening, but more on fixing things to soon and stuff. I liked it in the beginning, the money thing is a little over the top and buying expensive things that they don't really need. I know it's the CMC and they do things differently, but the trunks well. I don't know, do you think by now by chapter 56 the school year should be around mid way or so by now? Not still in the beginning of the school year.

Yup, and the CMC get sidelined in their own story? It really upset me since it started off really well.

You read that story too? Where Discord send the CMC and out of 50 or so chapters, two weeks go bye. And the hate on the Headmaster is very thick and makes him look bad?

You don't know the power of the dark-chocolate chip cookies.

  • Viewing 21 - 25 of 25
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