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I proved my namesake in a duel of honour. The crayon never stood a chance.

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A Fascinating Look At Gender Identity · 2:15pm Sep 3rd, 2016

Hi, it's been a while. In case you're all wondering, I'm currently swamped with real life work, hence the general silence. Yay, job, yay, life.

Anyway, I'm here today to help promote a new writer on the site whose work explores something very different - gender identity. Full disclosure, Manifest Harmony, the editor of this story and (unfortunately) one of my best friends, has asked me to help promote it. But trust me, I wouldn't do it if the story wasn't worth mentioning.

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That's how it goes with internet fame or internet friends, unless you know each other's real identities and let's say you died, the people who know you online wouldn't know, they'd just know you disappeared. Honestly lots of people only stay in the fandom for a few years or less, he's probably just done.

I'd just like understand why, was he bullied, is he taking a break or did he simply get bored? If he has no desire ever write again, then I can respect that as it is his free will, but as it is he seemed to have just disappeared. We don't know if he is ok or what? I'm just worried.

Hasn't logged on in two years, he's not coming back.

Could you tell us how you have been? We haven't heard from you in a while. Please?

was going through my fluff and stuff bookshelf when i hit a humans guide to raising fillies. which of course meant i then proceeded to burn 2 hours of perfectly good coding time on king of the night, butler, do humans hibernate and the classic 1 overlord 1000 virgins. what I'm trying to say is your stories are to my work ethic as my aunt's mac and cheese is to my waistline.

sooooo good. but sooooo bad.

hoping you're alive and we'll see some updates or new stuff from you soon and that 2017 treats you right!

  • Viewing 61 - 65 of 65
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