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If you enjoy the possibilities of timeloops, you might like this group.

Thanks for the fav on 6 Shades of Rainbow :rainbowkiss:

Hello everyone,
I thank you for watching me, favoriting my stories, liking my stories, leaving comments, feedback, encouragement, and suggestions. Every single one of you has made me immensely happy and more inspired to write stories and talk in the comments and re-read the future chapters to make things perfect (or at least passable :twilightblush:) However, it is obvious by my recent lack of activity that I have found myself to be too busy to work on FimFiction. So I thank you all for your support and, with heavy heart, must officially put both of my stories "Changeling Love" and "What We Want" on hiatus. As soon as I find time and inspiration, these stories will be updated. But for now, it is wrong for me to give you all false hope.

Sincerely, Miss Pegasis

Thanks for the fav!:moustache:

Hello everyone, I'm just about to update "What We Want" but that's not what you viewers want is it? I like "Changeling Love" too, but does no one like "What we want"? "Changeling Love" is particularly hard since I rarely write comedy but that doesn't matter does it? :facehoof: I suppose I'm just ticked off people don't like "What We Want" as much. Whatever, when I chose to put up "Changeling Love", I signed a mental commitment to finish/continue it. I guess I'm just upset because I put a lot of effort into "What We want" whereas "Changeling Love" was more of a sudden 'inspiration whatever' thing. :ajsleepy: Whatever, :twilightsheepish: I suppose I should be happy people like me at all. :twilightsmile: Yeah, bright side! :pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 9 - 13 of 13
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