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On the Longest day of the Thousandth year, Princess Luna returns. Celestia wishes to protect her vulnerable little sister at all costs so Nightmare Moon may never return. Twilight becomes suspicious of this new 'princess' after reading the legends prior to her return. Can Twilight save Celestia from the death beneath her nose? Will Celestia love Luna as she needed, but allow her room to live her life? Will Luna forgive herself for her actions? Also, who's really in danger here?

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After the defeat of Queen Chrysalis, the changelings left behind don't know what to do. They eventually decide to seek the one who defeated their queen and make her theirs. What really goes on in a changeling's head? Can Cadence handle the vile creatures without prejudice? What do the crystal ponies think?

Teen due to cursing, only references to sexual stuff, and cursing

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Twilight follows Pinkie around to record and label different Pinkie Senses when eveything goes wrong. What seemed like a normal day became filled with tragedy and emotional pain. Everywhere she goes its just one problem after another. Inevitably she accepts the different sides of her friends' lives and remains faithful to them

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