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(Warning: Very long bio. I have no idea why I made it this long.)

Well hello there, I'm hunterz263. I'm a 28 year old writer on this site and my works are mainly romance because I have a talent for writing them for some reason. I never imagined writing about colorful ponies dating, kissing, making out and all that other stuff but here I am, writing shipping for all of you.

I currently have my career set on becoming an author. Any comments involving grammar and spelling mistakes are always welcomed, no matter how minuscule they are.

My brony story is actually short, but I'll put some of the finer details in. Back in the summer of last year I fell in love twice with two females. One was taken, the other's ex was a master hacker. Needless to say, it ended horribly on my end. Around mid July of 2011, I was on a Garry's Mod theater server when someone posted Intensive Pony Unit on the main theater. At the time, I hated My Little Pony so I called the requester gay along with like 85% of the theater. However, an image of Twilight Sparkle was someone embedded into my head. In early December of 2011, I recently got another heart break from one of my friends and was on the borderline of major depression. One night while I was laying in my bed, bored out of my mind, that image of Twilight Sparkle popped into my head. At the time I thought she was the emo of the group and became curious. So I watched season two episode one and the rest is history.

I like a lot of fan-fictions, and I mean a lot. By far my favorite one to this day is Fallout: Equestria and many of it's side stories including, but not limited to, Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons, Fallout Equestria: Murky Number Seven, Fallout Equestria: Winter's Wrath, and many more. I love the fan art, the world, the music, everything about that universe. I also enjoy most fan-fictions this community creates including Cupcakes, Past Sins, and a lot more including everything else such as romance and adventure.

I do want to expand my genres of writing quite a bit. My number one writing dream is building a Fallout Equestria side story. But I also do want to try my hand at adventure, torture, comedy, and pretty much every other genre.

I am also a vector artist, wallpaper maker, and a novice sketch artist. Feel free to check out my works on my DeviantART. The link can be found below.

Also, I am a beginner narrator and host the audio-books on my YouTube channel which can also be found below. The current narration as of right now is Fallout Equestria: Winter's Wrath. I might narrate a small one-shot from time to time, but I will mainly focus on that project until it is done.

I also make PDF conversions of multiple chapter stories so feel free to request one to be made. The only requirments is that it must contain five or more chapters in it or have a minimum word count of five thousand words.

One more talent I have recently acquired is the ability to play the guitar (mostly electric). I currently have zero songs written, but I am in the process of creating a few. As of right now the preferred genres I play are metal sounds and rock sounds. I drop my tuning down constantly to try and find my niche. You can find more information on the equipment I use, along with some sound files, on my Soundcloud.

Completed Stories:
Scion's Night Out
The Legend of Blank Flank

Stories in Progress:
The Other Earth

Story Collaborations:
On Nightmare Station
Wishing Star: Z-Type

Cancelled Stories:
Fallout Equestria: Interloper

Story Ideas:
Fallout Equestria: Interloper prequel
Life Spark X Scion ship fic (Me only. This is something I've always wanted to see and do. I won't let you down TC)
Fallout Equestria prequel
An epic war story
A human-pony war
The last human survivor
DOOM 3 crossover
Pinkie Pie clop-fic
OC and Shining Armor two way life story
Rainbow Dash X Human clop fic
Doctor X Patient clop-fic
Scootaloo romance/clop-fic
Sequel to 'The Legend of Blank Flank'
Condemned 2: Bloodshot crossover
Sequel to 'The Other Earth'
Sequel to 'Scion's Night Out'
Apocalypse from a gamma ray burst

Until next time everypony


Ideas I elaborated on


Ten Years of FIMFiction · 3:57pm Apr 27th, 2022

Hard to believe I have been on this site for over ten years now. Despite numerous computer changes, and life changes, FIMFiction has been a constant tab open on my web browser for ten years now. Not a day goes by when I do not look at this website or try to find more interesting fanfiction to read.

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It's so adorable! Thank you! She'll love it!

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